The research in our laboratory focuses on the changes in gene expression which accompany the activation of B and T lymphocytes.

We are in the process of developing a novel mRNA differential display method which yields 5' end gene fragments from differentially expressed genes, in contrast to the 3' fragments generated by more classical methodologies. (Liang and Pardee, 1992, Science 257, 967-71). Our technique should allow for fewer instances of detected fragments which fall in the long 3' untranslated regions of eucaryotic genes and better isolation of the full cDNA from the small gene fragments.

A second line of investigation addresses the timingof the onset of expression of murine survivin or TIAP, in B and T lymphocytes, as a function of both time and the number of cell divisions undergone post activation.

In addition, projects are currently ongoing in collaboration with Prof. Jenni Punt. We are looking for genes which are differentially expressed in thymocytes stimulated under varying conditions. A second pilot project is exploring the possibility of using retroviral transduction to introduce genes of interest into activated B and T cells.

Work conducted in collaboration with Dr. Charles Owen, Thomas Jefferson University, is aimed at understanding those changes in gene expression which accompany tumor adaptation to growth at low pH. 

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