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Curriculum vitae

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Date and Place of Birth                May 11, 1953, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

Business Address                         Department of Biology

                                                            Haverford College

                                                            370 Lancaster Avenue

                                                            Haverford, PA  19041

                                                            (610) 896-4996

                                                            FAX (610) 896-4963

                                                            electronic mail:

Permanent Address                      344 E. Spring Avenue

                                                            Ardmore, PA  19003

                                                            (610) 645-0516

Education and Training

               Postdoctorate:                    University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1980-1984

               Graduate:                           University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1975-1980

                                                            Ph.D. in Genetics

               Undergraduate:                 Geneva College, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 1971-1975

                                                            B.S. in Biology, summa cum laude

Professional Experience and Appointments

2005-                                Associate Provost, Haverford College

2001-                                Professor, Department of Biology, Haverford College (PA)

1998-2001                       Department Chair, Department of Biology, Haverford College (PA)

1995-2001                        Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Haverford College (PA)

1989-1995                        Associate Member, Division of Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson

                                                            Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

1986-1995                        Affiliate Faculty, Department of Genetics

                                                            University of Washington, Seattle, WA

1985-1989                        Assistant Member, Division of Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson

                                                            Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA

1980-1984                       Postdoctoral research fellow, Department of Molecular, Cellular,

                                          and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder,
                                          Supervisor:  W.B. Wood

1980                                 Lecturer, Department of Biology, Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

1975-1980                        Predoctoral trainee, Department of Genetics and Cell Biology,

                                                            University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

                                                            Thesis advisor:  R.K. Herman

Selected Administrative Service at Haverford College

2005-2008                      Associate Provost, Haverford College. 

2005                           Interim director Koshland Integrated Science Center

2003-2005                      Natural Science Division Representative, Academic Council

                                          (Presidential advisory committee on appointments and tenure)

1999- 2003                HHMI Program Director

(student research, minority outreach, and faculty development)

1998-2001                       Department Chair, Department of Biology, Haverford College

1997-2002                       Integrated Science Center Planning and Building Committee

                                           Biology Department Representative

Selected Other Professional Activities

Primary Author, Advanced Genetic Analysis, Oxford University Press, contract for publication signed in 2006.  Publication scheduled for 2009.  Textbook for advanced undergraduate and introductory graduate eukaryotic genetics courses

Member, Education Committee, Genetics Society of America, 2004-

Member, Committee of Examiners, Graduate Record Exam in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, 2004-

Committee of Visitors for Review of National Science Foundation

            2003, Chair of committee reviewing Program in Cellular and Developmental Biology

            2002,  Member of committee reviewing Section in Developmental Biology

Selected Publications  (Total: 34)

Phillips C.M., C Wong,. N Bhalla, , P. M Carlton, P Weiser, PM Meneely, AF Dernburg, 2005.  HIM-8 binds to the X chromosome pairing center and mediates chromosome-specific meiotic synapsis.  Cell 123: 1051-1063. 

Meneely, PM, AF Farago, and TM Kauffman, 2002.  Crossover distribution and high interference for both the X chromosome and an autosome during oogenesis and spermatogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans.  Genetics 162: 1169-1177

Meneely, PM, 1997  The chromosomal signal for sex determination in Caenorhabditis elegans.  BioEssays 19:945-948.

Lieb, JD, EE Capowski, PM Meneely and BJ Meyer, 1996  DPY-26, a link between dosage compensation and meiotic chromosome segregation in the nematode.  Science 274:1732-1739.

Meneely, PM, 1994 Sex determination in polyploids of Caenorhabditis elegans.  Genetics 137: 467-481.

Parkhurst, SM and PM Meneely, 1994  Sex determination and dosage compensation:  Lessons from flies and worms.  Science 264: 924-932.

Broverman, SA and PM Meneely, 1994  Meiotic mutants that cause a polar decrease in recombination on the X chromosome in Caenorhabditis elegans.  Genetics 136: 119-127.