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These are the courses that I have been teaching while I have been the Associate Provost.

Biology 301 Advanced Genetic Analysis (syllabus) is a lecture class for juniors and seniors who have taken introductory genetics as part of Biology 200. The course emphasizes the use of genetic tools to study complex biological problems. Topics include gene families, functional RNAs, histone modifications and structural features of chromosomes. The class ends with a step by step analysis of how genetic analysis was used to work out some biological problem—segmentation in Drosophila or sex determination in worms, for example. A recent syllabus is here.

Biology 354 Computational Genomics (syllabus) is a course for juniors and seniors who have taken Biology 301. The course combines lectures, demonstrations, and workshops to explore the tools used in genomics. We also discuss the theory behind the use of these tools and their limitations. A recent syllabus is here.