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Mitochondria and Chloroplasts

The MitoCharta Enumerating mitochondrial proteins . . .
Human Mitochondrial Protein Database Hosted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
The Mitochondria Research Society In Buffalo, NY
The Mitochondrial Interest Group Hosted by the NIH

Mitochondrial reconstructions by electron tomography

(not loading as of 1/2011; server problem?)

Terry Frey's work from the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging
The United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Pittsburgh, PA
MitoDat A database dedicated to the study of nuclear genes that affect mitochondria
Jeff Palmer's Group A Swathmore grad working at the University of Indiana defining the process of horizontal gene transfer within the eukaryotic cell!
The Jarvis Lab Studying chloroplast protein import at the Unversity of Leicester
George Oster's Lab Amazing ATPase structural modeling; at the University of California, Berkeley

ATP Synthetase

(Also missing as of 1/2011; did Yoshida retire?)

A great site from the lab of Yoshida & Hisabori, who elegantly demonstrated that the F1 shaft rotates!

"Home" of the ATP Synthase Turnin' it around at the MRC
Endosymbiosis and Parasitism at the Protist Data Base
Maureen Hanson's Lab at Cornell Stromule extensions revealed!
Geoff McFadden's Lab In Melbourne - surf's up!
The Holzenburg Lab Greening at Texas A&M

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