Websites with information relevant to the Nucleus

Michael Rexach's Lab Groovin' transport at UC, Santa Cruz
Genomic insulators and chromatin structure The Corces Lab at Emory University (an HHMI-supported lab)
The Cell Nucleus WebRing The nuclear family of sites, so to speak
The Nuclear Protein Database Your questions on nuclear proteins answered - courtesy of the MRC; check out the interactive nuclear compartments page!
The Nuclear Structure and Function Group Peter Cooke's group at the University of Oxford

Cell Nucleus.Com

The center of a lot of activity

The Lamond Lab Angus Lamond's lab at the University of Dundee, the folks who bring you the nucleolar proteome database and a detailed history of nucleolar preparation (honestly, is this how the do biochemistry in university labs?)
Greg Matera's Lab Now at UNC Chapel Hill; also check out his sabbatical escapades in Dundee, where he claims there is no Scottish Cell Biology Mafia!
Eric Schirmer's Lab Exploring laminopathies at the Wellcome Trust Center
The Spector Lab Intranuclear dynamics at Cold Spring Harbor
The Lawrence Lab Extreme in situs at the U. Mass. Medical School

Jim Bone's Chromatin Pages

Everything you wanted to know about chromatin, but were afraid to ask!

The Nuclear Pore Complex

NPCs galore!

The Cardoso Lab In Berlin - do you think they really play music to FRAP by?
The Hurt Group Gene Expression and Nuclear Export at the University of Heidelberg
The Sedat Lab at UCSF

The Wente Lab

Yeast NPCs, risen again at Vanderbilt University!

The Chromosome Biology Page

From the MRC Human Genetics Research Section

Rein Aasland's Lab Page Chromatin research at the University of Bergen

The Histone Sequence Database

The National Human Genome Research Institute: know thy histones!

TelDB, The Telomere Database

Telomeres - the living end

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The background image of a model of a nuclear pore complex is from Susan Wente's Homepage

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