Websites with information relevant to Mitosis The results of a 2010 genome-wide screen for proteins involved in mitosis

The Reider Lab's Page on Mitosis and the Cell Cycle

Perhaps one of THE best microscopists of the late 20th century! (although, unfortunately, as of 12/02/01 most of the images are down)

The McEwen Lab Along with Reider's Lab at the Wadsworth Center (Albany)
The Earnshaw Laboratory At the Instutute of Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Edinburgh; check out the chromosomal passengers page
Douglas E. Koshland A Haverford graduate who studies chromosome structure (taking an integrated perspective!)
Eric Karsenti's Group At the University of Heidelberg - check out the movie page!
Guowei Fang's Lab Mitotic checkpoints at Stanford
The Cytokinetic Mafia Home
And other things from the Salmon Lab at UNC

Steve Wolniak's Mitosis Page

The unparalleled Tradescantia stamenal hair system

Roger Karess' Lab Mitosis, myosin and morphogenesis at the Centre de Genetique Moleculaire (CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette)
Rebecca Heald's Lab At the University of California, Berkeley

Engineering chromosomes

From the Chromosome Biology pages at the MRC

Cytokinesis - Breaking up is hard to do Foe von Dassow's page at the Center for Cell Dynamics at the University of Washington's Friday Harbor Laboratory
The Cell Division Page Read the Good Book (the WormBook, that is, an online review of C. elegans biology)

Chromatin Structure and Motility

Kevin Sullivan's Lab, now in Galway

The Kapoor Lab Speckle, Drugs and the Mitotic Slide in the Big Apple at Rockefeller University

Background image of mitoses in an Allium root section from , cached 060218

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