Websites with information relevant to Microtubules

Ted Salmon's Lab The best of microtubules and mitosis
Claire Waterman-Storer's Lab formerly at Scripps, now at NIH
The Laboratory of Cell and Computational Biology Jon Scholey and Alex Molinger at U.C. Davis studying the biophysics of microtubule based motilities
Eric Karsenti's Group At the University of Heidelberg - check out the movie page!
Greg Gundersen's Lab At Columbia
Lynn Cassimeris' Lab At Lehigh A portal to Tim Stern's Lab at Stanford, including neat time-lapse videos of GFP-tubulin fusions in yeast

The Mitchison Lab at Harvard

Boston's finest!

Check Out Another Web Lecture on Microtubules

From a graduate level cell biology course at the University of Texas Medical Branch

The Nogales Lab at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; tubulin cartography; check out the structure of tubulin at the Protein Data Bank
George Bloom's Lab at dynamic U Va
The Wadsworth Lab

at U. Mass.

FtsZ J.G. McCool's site at U Mass, Amherst - a great tutorial on this interesting prokaryotic cytoskeletal component!

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