Websites with information relevant to Microtubule Motors


The Dynein Home Page At the University of Leeds
Steven King's Molecular Motors Lab at the U. Conn Health Center, Farmington
Dynein structure at Leed's The best structural studies of dynein out there - from Chlamy of course!
Ron Vale's Lab At UCSF
The Motor Enzymes Group The autobahn of motor traffic at the University of Rostock

GFP-dynein reporter fusions in Yeast

From the Bloom Lab at the University of North Carolina

Flagella and Cilia

Microtubule sliding during flagellar beating

A "classic" experiment from Charles Brokaw at CalTech

The Flagellar Proteome of Chlamydomonas

Focusing on the primary cilium of animal cells
And the sensory cilia of C. elegans From the Wormbook, of course!
And Ciliogenesis in the kidney of Zebrafish Finny business at the Drummond Lab at Harvard


The Kinesin Homepage

A GREAT site!

Steven Block's Lab At Stanford - biomechanics to tune your engines!

Jon Schloey's Lab at The University of California (Davis)

One of the pioneering kinesin labs

Kinesins and Alzheimer’s Disease Intriguing work by Larry Goldstein at U.C.S.D.
Joe Howard's research page at the Max Planck Instutite (Dresden)

MCAK-1 and nanotechnological applications!

Nobutaka Hirokawa's Lab

At the University of Tokyo (native page in Japanese)

The Kinesin Page

From the Theoretical Biophysics Group at the Unversity of Illinois

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