Websites on the Myosins

The Myosin Home Page (US mirror) At the MRC; includes nice graphics and text including the the Myosin Superpage
Myosin information from the Biochemistry of Metabolism course At Rensselaer Polytech!
Myosin from the Molecule of the Month Club From the Protein Data Bank
Myo2p (yeast MyoV) From the Cooper Lab at Washington University
The Muscle Group at the University of Leed's School of Biomedical Sciences A captivating (if artificially compiled) animation of Myosin V
SymTK Myosin simulations
Hot news From the Minnesota Muscle Laboratory
Rex Chisholm's Lab At Northwestern, Dicty and more!
Mucking about with Myosins Yes, you read it right - at least that's how Bruce Patterson at the University of Arizona describes what they do in his lab . . .
The Motor Enzymes Group The autobahn of motor traffic at the University of Rostock
GFP myosin and studies of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy mutations Stories of the heart
The Soldati Lab at the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine Studies of myosin in Dictyostelium

The Knecht Lab at The University of Connecticut

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