Websites with information relevant to Actin and Microfilaments

The Sept Lab Actin' up at the University of Michigan

The Actin Page

Nice images of actin structure from the Theoretical Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois

David Goode's Lab At Brandeis - "if it's actin', its got to be goode"
Roberto Dominguez' Lab Now part of the Penn Muscle Group
Tom Pollard's Lab At Yale University
Actin simulations and animations From Willi Wriggers' Computational Structural Biology site

The Perdue Motility Group

Tenderer chicken is really a muscle issue.

Neutrophil chemotaxis This classic clip from the 1950's showing a neutrophil chasing down a bacterium has captured the imaginations of generations of biologists

The Cooley Lab at Yale University

Role of the cytoskeleton in Drosophila development

Actin dynamics in dendritic spines From Matus lab at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Switzerland
Rich Meagher's Lab Studying plant actins at the University of Georgia, Athens
Gunther Gerisch's Lab At the Max Planck - great GFP fusions
The Maciver Group At theUniversity of Edinburgh! Small, highly unfocussed, and proud of it! Check out the Encyclopedia of Actin- Binding Proteins
Julie Therot's lab Amazing stuff from Stanford
The Staiger Lab Actin in Arabidopsis - the vegetarian option

The Cooper Lab at Washington University

Regulation of actin dynamics, especially by capping proteins

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