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Intermediate Filaments and the Cytomatrix

The Coulombe Lab Making connections at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Check out the Human Intermediate Filament Mutation Database You never knew you had so many IF genes!
The Neuromuscular Disease Center At Washington University, everything you didn't want to inherit!
An Advanced Cell Biology Class Bio 495, taught by Hariet Smith-Somerville at the University of Alabama
The Leube group homepage at the Universitatsklinikum of Aachen

About intermediate filament proteins

From Cytoskeleton Inc.

Mike Klymkowsky's Lab

At the University of Boulder, CO

Human Skin Biology and Genetic Diseases

Elaine Fuchs is a pioneer in investigating the links between IMFs and human disease

Protein Design based on natural systems, including IMF assembly mechanisms At the Biozentrum at the University of Basel, Switzerland
The Goldman Lab At Northwestern
Andrew Chisholm's Lab Studying the IMFs of C. elegans at UC Santa Cruz
Donald Ingber's Lab At Harvard, looking at the cell from an integrated perspective; Check out this review page on Tensegrity in a cell at Children's Hospital, Boston.
Tensegrity A white paper by Buckminster Fuller; the concept of self-supporting, tensioned structures has been applied in many interesting ways; there is even a Tensigrity Wiki
A video tour of cell motility From Vic Small's group in Vienna

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