Websites with information relevant to Endomembrane Architecture

The ER

A review from a graduate-level cell biology course at

Jonathan Goldberg An HHMI Investigator who studies the structural biology of vesicle transport Takin' it all in!

ER dynamics during Sea Urchin development

Ever wonder what FRAP stands for? Check it out! Mark Terasaki's site

The Lippincott-Schwartz Lab at NIH

One of the best groups using cutting-edge techniques to probe the secretory pathway in vivo (however, a bunch of links on some of their pages are broken)

Another view of Golgi function

From the Gerdes Group at the University of Heidelberg

The Heuser Lab at Washington University

Absolutely incredible pictures taken by the permiere microscopist of the 20th century

Receptor Mediated Endocytosis

A catchy story!

The Vault Website Highly conserved cytoplasmic structures of totally unknown function!
Mark McNiven's Lab at the Mayo Clinic - a dynaminic place!
LOCATE Subcellular Localization Database Where do all the proteins go? Down under!
The GFP-cDNA localization project Tracing human proteins to specific compartments, at EMBL
The International Advocate for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases A lay person's guide to the science of lysosomal storage diesases
The Lysosomal Storage Disease Center Recycling issues at Washington University
The Wang Lab Reforming the Golgi at the University of Michigan

The Okita Lab at Washington State University

Studies that are defining translationally-distinct regions on the surface of the ER in plant cells

Backgrouind Golgi EM from , cached 060218

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