Websites with information relevant to

Cell-Cell Connections

The Cadherin Resource A site that hangs together!

The Neuromuscular Disease Center

An extremely comprehensive site at Washington University (includes information on the pathology of gap channels)

The Cell Junctions Website Hosted by the Cowin Lab at NYU (a work in progress)
The Synapse Web Making connections is what it's all about! Be impulsive!
Elaine Fuch's Lab At The Rockefeller University

Hear about Connexins and Deafness in Humans

Courtesy of the NCBI

Dave Jackson's Lab At CSHL, studying plasmodesmata transport in Arabidopsis
and more Armadillos Mark Peifer's home page at UNC Chapel Hill
Kathleen Green's Lab Studying adhesion at Northwestern
J. Thomas Parsons' Lab Connecting it all at UVa

Anchoring junctions, gap junctions and cell adhesion molecules

From the "Portrait of a Cell" site at Colorado State University

The Playing the links, professional style
Michael Sandersons page at UMass Plunging into the gap!

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