Cell Architecture
Compiled by Karl Johnson ; version 6.1 release

An Advanced On-Line Cell Structure Course/Text

Compartmentation of the Eukaryotic Cell

2011 Lecture Dates

1/19, 21
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Organization of the Eukaryotic Cell
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Functionality and the Eukaryotic Cell
The Eukaryotic Cell and its Environment
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Cell Architecture WWW

Cell Architecture is presented by Karl Johnson, Haverford College, Pennsylvania

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Each chapter of this e-text is a compedium of information, images and other open source materials gathered to help you explore the eukaryotic cell. Listings of vetted subject-relevant websites and recent "hot papers" are provided to help connect to current work in each discipline.

This on-line text is the result of well over a decade's worth of effort by Karl Johnson. Cell Architecture debuted at Haverford College in 1993-1994 and first ventured on the World Wide Web in 1994-1995 (using the "first" web browser, NCSA Mosaic 0.53b). It has subsequently grown through several major rebuilds and is continuously edited, modified and updated as ideas grow and change (it is, after all, biological!). While I have tried to make this text a stand-alone resource freely available to all, there is no substitute for coming to Haverford and joining our class. Visitors, virtual or real, are always welcomed!

Known issues with this site: playing videos across platforms and browsers is a known problem. I am working to make the videos that I play in class available over the web, but this remains a work in progress.

Sources from which images are cached are available below the accompanying commentary text, and almost every image or video was downloaded from other open-access, open-source sites; our effort is largely collecting and making sense of it all. Our sincere thanks to everyone who makes their work available on the Internet for teaching purposes, and it is in reciprocity that we hope you enjoy this site. We do not claim copyright for any of this material; we have simply cached and organized freely accessible material providing a link to its source. (based on the model of a web search engine). This approach was necessary to provide a stable resource in the fluid environment of the Web.

Finally, for students in the class, biweekly question sets will form the basis for your evaluation in this course. The question sets will be distributed to members of the class a week before the due date. Each will consist of three open exploration questions. They should be submitted electronically as .doc or .docx files as e-mail attachments to Karl Johnson . As always, back-up work in progress and retain a copy of your submission file until your work is graded and returned. Early submissions are welcomed; late work will be accepted but will be marked down a grade for each day (24 hour period) it is late based on submission times recorded by the e-mail server. Each student's grade in the course will be based upon these question sets (@25%) and a class attendance/participation mark (25%).

Question Set
Distributed by
Due (Midnight of)
Compartmentation (Chapters I-III)
Saturday, 1/29/2011
Saturday, 2/5/2011
Organization (Chapters IV-VIII)
Saturday, 2/12/2011
Saturday, 2/19/2011
Functionality/Environment (Chapters IX-XII)
Saturday, 2/26/2011
Saturday, 3/5/2011

I hope you enjoy Cell Architecture! Please feel free to contact me with suggestions and comments!