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This program will not be available for the 2006-2007 school year.

For your proposed program of study, please list the relevant courses you have taken and the anticipated scheduling for those you plan to take before you graduate, following the guidelines below:

  • Natural Science foundation: six semesters of science (with laboratories) with no more than three from a single department. Demonstrated proficiency in college-level math beyond first-semester calculus.
  • Relevant courses: At least three courses from all three divisions that define the specific plan of study are required for the program.
  • Senior Conference in Science and Society: GP 494, a 0.5 credit course offered in the Fall Semester.

Science and Society Program
Application Form
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Spring Semester
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Sophomore Year d d
Junior Year d d
Senior Year d d

Are you applying for a stipend available through the grant from HHMI?

If you have applied or will be applying for funding from other programs, please indicate which funding sources and the date of the award decisions below or on the reverse of this sheet.

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Questions? E-mail Kate Heston, Coordinator for the Hughes Program, KINSC S109.

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