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Courses of Interest to Students in the Program

The following is a current list of the courses offered in the Tri-College Community that may be of interest to students in the Program in Science and Society. Relevant courses continue to be added to this list. More information concerning these courses is given in the Tri-College Course Guide. A course not listed here may sometimes be appropriate for a student's specific plan of study. In such a case, the student may petition the committee for the inclusion of this course in their curriculum.

Courses Offered at Haverford:

  • H100 (ECON) The Economics of Public Policy - no prereq. (Final paper topic must be relevant to the focus of the program), L. Bell
  • H108b (PHYS) Physics in Modern Medicine - no prereq.
  • H110 (ANTH) Anthropology of Food and Eating, M. Gillette
  • H118 (HIST) Introduction to the History of Science, D. Hayton
  • H221 (GNPR) Epidemiology and Global Health, limited enrollment, K. Edwards-Prereq: College level biology course, Limited to 25
  • H222a (GNPR) Issues in Urban Public Health, limited enrollment, B. Hoerlin
  • H250 (EDU) Literacies and Education, J. Cohen, limited enrollment
  • H252a (GNPR) Women, Medicine, and Biology, K. Edwards - no prereq., enrollment limited to 30
  • H254b (GNPR) Bioethical Dilemmas, R. Guyer, limited enrollment
  • H258b (HIST/GNPR) Plagues, Diseases, and Epidemics, K. Koltun-Fromm
  • H280 (RELG) Ethics and the Good Life, D. Dawson, K. Koltun-Fromm
  • H350b (PSYC) The Biopsychology of Stress - prereq. PSYC 108d and 217b or equivalent
  • H350b (HIST) Topics in the History of Science, D. Hayton

Courses Offered at Bryn Mawr:

  • B205 (PHIL) - Philosophy of Medicine, K. Richman
  • B209 (BIOL) - Environmental Toxicology, D. Prescott
  • B210 (BIOL) - Biology and Public Policy - prereq. one semester intro Biology
  • B210 (ANTH) - Medical Anthropology - M. Pashigian, prereq. Anth 102
  • B221 (PHIL) - Ethics (Final paper topic must be relevant to the program), C. Koggel
  • B222 (POL, crosslisted with CITIES) Introduction to Environmental Issues, Movements, Controversies and Policy Making: An International Perspective, C. Hager
  • B225 (GNST) - Healing, Harming and Humanism, M. Thaler
  • B310/315 (SOCL) - Sociology of AIDS (students take both courses concurrently), J. Porter
  • B310 (PHIL) - Philosophy of Science, M. Krausz, P. Grobstein

Please contact Kate Heston if you have further questions about the program or wish to be placed on the mailing list.

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