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Haverford College
Departments of Physics and Astronomy
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Faculty: Former Faculty (and where they went)

Name Location
Elizabeth Wehner University of Saint Thomas, Minneapolis
Anna Sajina (postdoc) Tufts University
Jorge Moreno University of Victoria (CITA fellow); Cal Poly Pomona
Chris Cothran Naval Research Lab
Nick Ouellette Yale University, Mechanical Engineering
Paolo Arratia (postdoc) University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Froney Crawford Franklin and Marshall College
Lyle Roelofs President of Berea College
Paul Halpern University of The Sciences in Philadelphia
Krsna Dev Rowan University
Juan Cabanela (postdoc) Minnesota State University, Moorhead
Greg Voth (postdoc) Wesleyan University
Steve Wasserbaech Utah Valley University
Alison Bailes Energy Vanguard
Wolfgang Losert (postdoc) University of Maryland
Deborah Haarsma (postdoc) Calvin College
Adam Landsberg Claremont College
Gabe Spalding Illinois Wesleyan
Steve Lewis University of Georgia
Esther Zirbel Brown University
Mark Matlin Bryn Mawr College
Jonathan Marr Union College
Alan Kiplinger (postdoc) University of Colorado

Former Lab Instructors in Physics & Astronomy and where they went

Name Location
Eric Murray Georgia Tech
Michael Ochs College of New Jersey
Scott Shelley Lafayette College