Bryn Mawr Physics 302- Advanced Quantum Mechanics - 2010

Walter Smith

Assignment #7

Due: Friday, Mar. 26 at 10 am.

Reading:  If you’ve not already done so, finish Chapter 5 of Townsend


Individual problem:

Select a final project, and clear it with me.



Group problems:

4.9  Hints: Start with (4.41), and, following Townsend, assume that the rapidly oscillating terms can be ignored.  Then show that .  You should recognize that this has the same form as the DEQ for a damped harmonic oscillator, so you can immediately use the solution for that problem, with appropriate substitutions.  Make use of the initial condition , and then normalize.


5.1  Omit the last sentence (“Examine your results…”).  Be sure you read 5.2 before doing this problem.