Haverford College Physics 102b-2012 -- Classical and Modern Physics II
Meets: MWF 11:30-12:30, INSC H108, optional recitation TBA
Labs (every other week): Tuesday or Wednesday, 1:15-4:00, Harris 105
Physics Clinic: W and Th evenings, 7:00-10:00, H107

Lecturer: Walter F. Smith (610-896-1332, INSC L110)
Office hours: M 10-11, Tu 11-12, Th 10-11, F 10-11, or by appointment
Lab instructors:
Suzanne Amador Kane (610-896-1198, KINSC L103)
Office Hours:  Tues. 9:30-noon, Wed. 9:30 to 11:15am and by appointment

Joseph Ochoa (610-795-6232, KINSC L102)
Thurs. 12:30-3:30pm, Fri. 1:30-3:00pm or by appointment

Scott Shelley (INSC L207, X1310)

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#2 Revised (due 2-3)
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Exam 1 coverage
Exam 2 coverage
Final exam coverage


Solutions for assignments and exams (password required)

Lecture summaries

Electrostatic attraction and repulsion
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Coulomb's Law, the electric field
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Electric field lines, fields of continuous charge distributions, field of infinite rod and plane
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Electric fields of spherically symmetrical charge distributions, voltage
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Equipotentials are perpendicular to electric fields, field of a solid sphere
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Relations between voltage and electric field
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Superposition of voltage, dielectric constant, dipoles
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Capacitors, dielectric breakdown
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Electric fields and conductors
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Gauss's Law, electric field at the surface of a metal
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Electric field at the surface of a metal (ctd.), electric current, Ohm's Law, series and parallel resistors
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Review session for exam 1
Handout on V due to separate plates in a capacitor:
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Electrical power, internal resistance
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Microscopic view of current, resistivity, drift velocity, Fermi velocity, Drude model
Web page .. PDF .. Word
RC discharge, guessing the solution to a differential equation
Web page .. PDF .. Word
RC charging, low-pass filters, the magnetic field, Gauss's Law for magnetic fields
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Oersted's experiment, magnetic forces on a point charge, magnetic force on a current-carrying wire, begin motors
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Finish motors, mass spectrometers, carbon dating
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Currents produce magnetic fields, Biot-Savart Law, field of an infinite wire, field of a current-carrying loop, solenoids
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Permanent magnets, magnetic dipoles
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Spring break!!
Precession, MRI, begin Ampere's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Summary of right hand rules, Ampere's Law, energy of a magnetic dipole
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Faraday's discovery, motional emf
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Generators, eddy currents, Lenz's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Faraday's Law, transformers
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Maxwell's correction to Ampere's Law
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Exam 2 review session
Are plane waves allowed by MEQs?
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Light is an electromagnetic wave, principle of relativity, definition of wavenumber
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Mathematical expression for a traveling wave, transverse vs. longitudinal waves, direction of travel for light, superposition of waves
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Standing waves, resonance, wave energy, intensity
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Intensity of a point source, Huygen's principle, two-slit interference, mult-slit interference
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Transmission diffraction gratings, single slit diffraction
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Combining diffraction and interference, Rayleigh criterion for resolution, dB, speed of waves on a rope
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Speed of waves in liquids, Doppler effect, polarization
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Index of refraction, frequency remains the same in different materials, thin film interference, reflections
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Snell's Law, reversibility of light paths, total internal reflection, fiber optics, lenses, spherical aberration
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Chromatic aberration, astigmatism, focal length , image formation, thin lens equation
Web page .. PDF .. Word
Projector, eye, camera, sign conventions for the thin lens equation, simple magnifier, multi-lens systems
Web page .. PDF .. Word

Power of a lens, f-stop, depth of field, color vision
Web page .. PDF .. Word

BBC "Colorful visions" video


Mathematica keyboard shortcuts & physical constants
(This is a Mathematica notebook; save it to your computer first, then double-click to open it with Mathematica)

Sample long-form lab report

Walt's hints for a better lab report

Historical Notes, demonstrator applets, songs, etc.
Problem Solving Advice from Prof. Suzanne Amador Kane

Math Appendices -- Helpful mathematical material collected by Haverford and Bryn Mawr Physics majors some years ago, edited by Lyle Roelofs. (See also the math summary on Moodle.)

Charles Coulomb biography


Electric Field Hockey! To get started, click on "Run Now". Arrange the positive and negative charges (drag them out of the supply) so that the puck goes into the goal. Be sure to click the buttons for "field", "Antialias" and "trace". The black vectors show the direction of the field, but not its strength. The blue vectors coming out of the puck show the forces from the negative charges, while the red vectors show the forces from the positive charges. Try varying the mass!

Coulomb's Law song (karaoke version!)
Here's a nifty two-dimensional electric fields and voltage applet. Use the slider bar to determine the strength and polarity of a charge, then click to place it. For me, the "Go" feature doesn't work well, since I can't see the charges while they're moving. But, the displays of the field configurations and equipotentials are pretty neat. Red equipotentials correspond to positive voltages (relative to the voltage infinitely far away) and blue to negative voltages.

Carl Friederich Gauss biography Note: Gauss did so much, especially in math, that you will not find his law explictly mentioned here! Instead, it is referred to as the "law of quadratic reciprocity". He originally derived it as a purely mathematical result for functions that fall off as 1/r^2, and then it was applied to the electric field.

Gauss in 1803
Oersted Song
(Including link to Techno version by Aziz Khan!)

A really nice DC motors demonstration

Right hand rule song (lyrics and chords)

Michael Faraday:

Short biography

Complete biography, written in 1872

Nikola Tesla:

PBS website (very detailed!)

Tesla Song: lyrics & chords .. mp3 (Guitar by Matt McCutchan)

The Mechanical Universe:
Maxwell's Equations

Free registration required. Choose episode 39.

This applet by Prof. Fu-Kwun Hwang shows you how sinusoids traveling in opposite directions superpose to make a standing wave.

The Mechanical Universe:
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse

Choose episode 17 and watch 2:50-4:37 and 21:00-23:40.


Background image: A rare triple lightning strike (this is not a multiple exposure), taken on the great plains by Dr. Steven Horsburgh.