Weeks of January 21 and January 28

Slides about the ISM

Schlegel, Finkbeiner, and Davis (1998) dust maps. Read the both the technical and general summaries.
Schlafly et al. (2010) - The Blue Tip of the Stellar Locus: Measuring Reddening with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Schalfly and Finkbeiner (2011) - Measuring Reddening with Sloan Digital Sky Survey Stellar Spectra and Recalibrating SFD.

Slideshow of Stars within 10 pc

Week of February 4
ISM and the Milky Way

High-z universe and reionization - Marcelo Alvarez's website.
Movies showing reionization - Matt McQuinn's website.

Cool Visualizations of the Milky Way:
Fly through of the local Galactic neighborhood and Milky Way disk (Not sure if this works in all browsers or on all operating systems).
Zoomable near infrared image of the Milky Way plane and bulge.
Explore the Milky Way GigaGalaxy Zoom.

Milky Way slides.
Movies of Milky Way halo formation on James Bullock's website.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Multiwavelength Milky Way images from NASA

Week of February 11
The Milky Way

Stars orbiting Milky Way's black hole
Milky Way structure