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Haverford College
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Academic Programs: Concentrations

Biophysics Concentration

Much of today’s scientific effort is directed toward an understanding of biological processes from the physical and chemical points of view. Curricular initiatives at Haverford, begun as a result of a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, led to the development of biologically oriented courses of study in the chemistry and physics departments. The concentration in biochemistry and biophysics recognizes current and undoubtedly enduring trends in interdisciplinary science by establishing in the curriculum a formal program of classroom and laboratory training at the interface between the physical and biological sciences. To be a member of the concentration a student must major in one of the three sponsoring departments: biology, chemistry, or physics.

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Scientific Computing Concentration

The concentration in scientific computing gives students an opportunity to develop a basic facility with the tools and concepts involved in applying computation to a scientific problem, and to explore the specific computational aspects of their own major disciplines.

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Computer Science Concentration

Computer Science Concentrations are available to physics and math majors. Concentrations are grounded in two or more majors and function to expose students to fields related to their major in substantial ways. The physics computer science concentration focuses on the hardware aspects of computer science and their basis in physics and electronics, as well as the use of the computer as a tool for physicists. The mathematics concentration is centered more on the logical and mathematical underpinnings of the field.

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Education Concentration

In the past year, our Education Program has added a number of options. Formerly, our majors interested in Education could elect a Education Concentration from the physics major and consider studying for certification as part of their four-year-degree program. Perhaps the most significant change is the addition of a 5th year certification option, which enables graduates of both Bryn Mawr and Haverford to obtain a secondary teacher certification with us at an affordable rate after they graduate.

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Independent Materials Science Concentration

Students interested in pursuing intensive study in Materials Science should contact the Chemistry or Physics Department for advice in formulating an independent program of study. You can then apply to the Committe on Student Standing and Programs for consideration and approval of such an independent Concentration.

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Engineering Options

While Haverford does not offer a formal engineering degree program, many of our alumni/ae have pursued successful and interesting careers in various engineering disciplines. Students have several options which they can pursue to gain exposure to engineering during their B.S. studies.

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