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Haverford College
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Arboretum: Collections


Trees The 216-acre campus is a blend of century-old oaks and maples, rare specimen trees, small flowering trees, natural woodland areas and young plantings of diverse trees suitable for a home landscape. Over 1,500 trees are labeled with their scientific name, common name and nativity.


Pinetum Over 300 mature conifers are labeled and arranged by family groupings in an area of exceptional beauty first planted in 1928.


Gardens Our colorful and diverse gardens include regional plantings with native trees and shrubs; the Denis Asian Garden and Teaf Memorial Zen-style Garden, both with plants originating in the Orient; and mixed border gardens.

Nature Trail

Nature Trail The 2.2-mile Nature Trail encircling the campus provides a shady path for dog walkers, joggers and runners. Download our brochure for a map of the terrain and location of benches.

Class Tree Brochure

Where is My Class Tree? Does your class have a special tree on campus? Download our brochure and look for your tree's location on the map. If we've missed your class tree, let us know at

Duck Pond

Duck Pond A 3.5-acre Duck Pond provides a peaceful spot for relaxation and bird-watching ~ the Great Blue Heron is a common visitor!

Penn Treaty Elm

Penn Treaty Elm Planted in 1915, this descendant of the American Elm under which William Penn signed his treaty with the Native Americans is a highlight among the tree collection.

State Champions

State Champions The Arboretum is home to 13 State Champion trees, the largest known measured trees of their kind in Pennsylvania. Among them are a Red oak, Quercus rubra; a Hinoki Falsecypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa; and several spruce, pine, and fir trees.

Carvill Arch

Carvill Arch A serene courtyard garden incorporates the Carvill Arch, a remnant of William Carvill's original mid 19th-century greenhouse.

Hilles Garden

Hilles Garden Spring, summer and fall find this garden of mixed perennials bursting with color and bloom.