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Haverford College
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Senior Thesis: Archive from 1997-2015

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Last Name First Name Grad Year Title Fieldwork Site
Cartwright Ruth 2015 Repositioning Place and Rerouting Progress in Hillsboro, West Virginia: A Vision of Community Perspectives on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline
Devine Peter 2015 The Imprint of South Park: Igniting Dialogue in American Society Using Societal and Religious Satire
Gutman Eve 2015 “Cerros Falsos”
Remembering and Dreaming of One’s Place in Valparaiso, Chile
Klein Hannah 2015 The Rules of Sanctuary: Health and Wellness in a Women’s Homeless Shelter
Leter Deborah 2015 “A Dialogue of Life”:
Fostering Interfaith Coexistence in Hyderabad, India
Mbudu Emmanuel 2015 The struggle is real’: An ethnography of the post-industrial generation in gentrifying Chestnut Hill
Morrison C.J. 2015 Your Equality = My Erasure: The Reclamation Stonewall as a Riot against Police
Brutality through Trans and Queer of Color Liberation
Reyes Melissa 2015 “Soy Un Mexicano Al Que Le Gustan Los Estados Unidos:”
Understanding the Mexican Immigrant Experience in South Philadelphia
as a Counternarrative to the Vulnerable Immigrant Trope
Shea Danielle 2015 Do You Really Need the Blue Crayon?
Medicalization and Affective Experiences in Special Needs Parenting
Alvarez Tracey 2014 "I Am My Own Boss" Claiming Identity and Dignity. Latina Immigrant Domestic Workers, Their Daughters and Me
Bahn Hannah 2014 When Those Who Can Do, Teach:  Teach for America and the Devaluation of the Teaching Profession
Bralla Connor 2014 Nostalgia, the Specter of Ideals, and the Fall of the USSR: A View from the United States
Dhanani Hiba 2014 Facets of Faith: Sadaqq as a Motivator for self-advancement and community development in North Philadelphia
Elliman Henry 2014 Pain's Protest: Accounts of Chronic pain from the Coordinated Homeless Outreach Center
Espinosa Charles 2014 When Text Comes Alive: Social Knowledge and public Performance in Rap Genius
Feldman Caileigh 2014 "You can make salad with this, right?" Race, Class, and Health at an Urban Elementary School Philadelphia
Fox Samuel 2014 "I Am Not a Vigilante": Making Every Day a Patrol with the Town Watches of Philadelphia
Gomez Guadalupe 2014 Deconstructing the Health and Cancer Narratives from Mexican-American Women in the Gonzalez Family
Harris Janela 2014 Daughters of Mothers
Kahn Stephanie 2014 "I'm not a diabetic.  I'm a senior": Identity Production in the Clinical Encounter among Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
Keny Gebhard 2014 Remembering the Present: Affect, Phenomenology, and the Survival of One
Kible-ab Nathaniel 2014 Their Bricks, Our Homes: An Ethnography on the Duality of Eritrean Nationalism in Relation to its Customary Laws
Lee Christina 2014 Operating Room Productions
Saxena Shireen 2014 An Algorithm for Serendipity, An Inquiry of Online Dating and What it means to be Emotional Beings in a Digital Age
Ulrich Kathleen 2014 Problemizing the future: Brazil, biofuels and basic science
Zieve Hannah 2014  Enacting Elitism: Experiencing Enacting Elitism: Experiencing Race & Class at Haverford College
Benson Jemma 2013 Revolutionary Transgressions: Gendering the Nicaraguan Literacy Crusade Nicaragua
Bilek Kelsey 2013 El Valor De La Mujer: A Study of Cervical Cancer in Managua, Nicaragua Managua, Nicaragua
Butters Susannah 2013 Production of the Past: Understanding Durham, N. Carolina’s History in the Tobacco Industry Durham, NC
Costley Krysten 2013 The Normal Shobai A Recreation of the Housewife and Salaryman in The Deviant World of Hosts and Hostesses
Crew Simone 2013 The Confessional Self: Therapeutic Discourse in Taxi Cab Confessions
Davis Hannah 2013 Creating Personhood: Carousel Connections Independent Living Program as a Muted Model of Personhood Haverford College
Haber-Greenwood Olivia 2013 “When Ram Was King” Adivasi Tellings of the Ramayana India
Larsen Kirsten 2013 This is How the Rest of Your Life Should Look': Young Women’s Intimate Engagements with HBO’s Girls
Lin April 2013 “Hello, My Name Is:” An Ethnography of Major Depression in a Support Group Setting
West Travis 2013 “Take Me to Europe” The Cultural Production of Aspirations Among Footballers in Ghana Ghana
Douglas Vanessa 2012 The Eye of the Beholder: Beauty Talk, Behavior, and Ethos at Haverford College Haverford, PA
El-Youssef Nour 2012 Agency, Vulnerability & Citizenship of Semiautonomous Youth in Nicaragua: Voices of Former Street Children Managua, Nicaragua
Gagliardi Laina 2012 Brewing a Racialized Representation of Violence & Disability: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Cape Town, South Africa South Africa
Kay Ariel 2012 "The arrow means never give up" Art Education: A Case Study in the School District of Philadelphia Philadelphia
Kim Shally 2012 An Anthropological Examination of the Peace Corps: The American Volunteer and the Efficacy of Good Intentions
Krause Louisa 2012 Media(ted) Knowledge: Holocaust Cinema and the Third Generation
Lee Bertram 2012 Like a Pawn is to a King: Questions of Access, Power and Policy Within Congressional Offices Washington, DC
Monroe Katie 2012 From the "New Woman" to an "Indicator Species:" A Historical and Ethnographnic Study of Women Bicyclists Philadelphia
Nash Kathleen 2012 Between France and Algeria: Generating Space for the Third Generation of Francais Issus d'Immigration Algerienne
Obando Alexandra 2012 Multiple Breaking Bodies: A Preliminary Exploration into Identity Formation in Breaking and the Headspinning Bodies Portrayed in Popular Media Philadelphia
Postel MaryAlica 2012 "A World of Pleasure to Win, and Nothing to Lose But Boredom" The Yes Men vs. The World
Sanchez Beatriz 2012 Developing Diabetic Competence: An approach to disease Puerto Ricans know all too well Puerto Rico
Simpson Danielle 2012 Lost and Found: The resurrection of place and identity after loss Joplin, MO
Tranquillo Caitlyn 2012 Homes is Where the Pet is: A View of the American Famiiy through the Study of Pets in American Culture Radnor, Pa
Tucker Suhavi 2012 Who Speaks for the Patient's Body
Verrier Erin 2012 Bringing a child's voice to the national dialogue on childhood obesity: Student perspectives on food, school, and health in an elementary school setting Baltimore, MD
Wacker Alexandra 2012 If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride: Class Identity, Social Distinction, and the Equestrian Class England and US
Walker Coral 2012 Giving Birth to Misconceptions: Portray of Childbirth in Popular Visual Media
Warnke Lily 2012 Criminal Neglect: Gender, Poverty, and Reentry from prison in Urban America New York
Wiencek Holly 2012 The Postmodern Post Office: An Ethnographic Look at the Effects of Flexible Accumulation in the US Postal Service Washington, DC
Wyly Katherine 2012 Café Roasts, House Blends, and Half and Half: Utilizing Public & Private Spheres to Compare Interactions Fueled by Coffee in the US and Sweden Sweden and US
Zegeye Be-Emnet 2012 Escaping the Mundane: A discourse on Identity and Extreme Sport
Zelnick Jennifer 2012 Sex (Work), Drugs, and HIV/AIDS: Narrating Agency in Bali Bali
Celin Andres Mauricio 2011 "I've Always Managed My Own Money": Women and Microcredit in Cali, Colombia Cali, Colombia
Delehanty Carmen 2011 Balance and Harmony: Philadelphia
Gilroy Laura 2011 Beyond the Point: Dislocation, Marginality, and Survival Among City-Dwelling Long-Term Drug Users Kensington neighborhood of Phila.
Heller Joy Lyn 2011 Geographies of 'Home: Cultural Identity in Transnational Korean Adoption Seoul South Korea and Philadelphia
Hilbert Emma 2011 Learning Between the Lessons: Social reproduction in two parochial elementary schools Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia
Kirton Marie 2011 Straddling Two Worlds: The Navigation of Black Elite Amidst Racial Contradictions New York
Ray Taylor 2011 Learning to Walk: Recalling an African-Brazilian past through the game of Capoeira North Philadelphia
Svokos Elizabeth 2011 Listening to Lives: Narrative of the Elderly in South Philadelphia South Philadelphia
Temple Emily Kirk 2011 Stories of Violence, Dreams of Justice: An Ethnography of Women's Law Project, Philadelphia Philadelphia
Williams Raffi 2011 The Socialization of the Power Elite in an American Boarding School  
Zhu Jenny 2011 Displacement in the Diaspora: Constructions of "Chinese-ness," Community and Identity in Philadelphia's Chinatown Philadelphia
Baker Misha 2010 Heart of Jamaica in the Heart of Europe: Reggae in the Czech Republic Prague, Czechoslovakia
Chen Shasha 2010 Voices of Motherhood in the New Era: What is the Role of Reproductive Technology?  
de Moll Ellen 2010 Pretty in Ink: Understanding Women with Tattoos Across Classes Mid West US and Orlando, FL
Elkin Allison 2010 Lady in White: The Wedding Dress and American Womanhood  
Helme Danielle 2010 Learning the Rules of Society: An Ethnographic Study of Socialization in a Classroom for Children with Moderate to Severe Autism  
Jordan Julia 2010 Lesbian Identification, Social Space and the production of Post-Apartheid Queer Geographies in Cape Town, South Africa  
Lanning Aimee 2010 Striking a Balance in City of Angels: The Creation of Power, Authority, and Leadership  
Leath Samuel 2010 Anything But Hear: Exposing Hearing Colonialism and Moving Toward an Anthropology of Deaf Culture  
Louis Christella 2010 Body Politics: The mediation of dress and style around Religious, Cultural, and Economic Factors at First Haitian Church of God in Phila.  
Maycock Lila 2010 The Indian Heart Beats in America: Second Generation Desi Youth in the US  
Phung Jennifer 2010 Are Asian Americans Real? The Deconstruction and Negotiation of Identity  
Rodriguez Sasha 2010 It's Not You, It's Me: War Over Authority to Define Authentic Puerto Ricanness  
Sarant Melibea 2010 The Revolving Golden Door: An Exploration of Immigration Policy in the United States Portland, Oregon; Philadelphia
Schaeffer Kathryn 2010 Rethinking Wonder Woman: Women, Comic Books, and the Challenge of Creating New Gender Cosmologies  
Shulman-Kumin Amira 2010 It's not just what you say: An Ethnographic Examination of Moral Education in the Classroom Rivertown Friends School
Tung Diana 2010 "Overworked and Underpaid." Low-level Bureaucrats and the Politics of Neoliberal Food Assistance Administration.  
Walters Ashley 2010 Exposing the Black Male Dancer Philadelphia
Zager Katherine 2010 No Accidents: How and Why the Same Retail Work is Shaped for Different Populations in a Post-Fordist Context  
Arbitman Zac 2009 Developing a "Deep Maleness" through Barbershop Ritual Milmont Park, PA
Bentley Meredith 2009 Religions of Proof: Paranormal Investigators of the Delaware County  
Blumberg Jessica 2009 "in The Heart of My Womb Lies My Power" Embodied Empowerment at the Wise Woman Center upstate NY
Gabriel Dagem 2009 What role is Kindergarten Playing in Educating our Children?  
Gibbons Amadi 2009 Hospitals are Sites of Disciplinary Power Philadelphia, PA
Hofman Sean 2009 A Walk in Their Shoes: An Analysis on the Autonomy of Consumers through Sneaker Culture Philadelphia, PA
Ibarra Yesenia 2009 You're not Latino! Yes I am! Prove it!: Contested Identity and Ethnic Politics at Haverford College Haverford College
Kibbe Lauren 2009 Understanding Diverse Practices of US Citizenship: Vietnamese Immigrants Perspectives  
King Alison 2009 Making Theatre at the Swarthmore Players Club Swarthmore College
Pantel Sofia 2009 Rightful Heirs: A History Carved in Stone. The Parthenon Marbles Controversy Athens, Greece
Schlefer Madeleine 2009    
Sine Meridith 2009 Discursive Power and the Institutionalization of Breast Cancer Activism Philadelphia, Haverford and Norristown, PA
Steinberg Lucie 2009 Historical Monsters: The Freakish Past of Philadelphia's Mutter Museum Mutter Museum, Philadelphia
Stitt Matthew 2009 Crime in the City of Brotherly Love: With Specific Focus on How Stable the Government is through its Dispersal of Power Philadelphia, PA
Vidal Gloria 2009 The Rural Alaskan Energy Crisis and Social Change in Tanana, Alaska, Winter 2008-09 Tanana, Alaska
Chao Corey 2008 Replacing the Mountain, Contested Aesthestics and the Hegemony of Value in Eastern Kentucky Coalfields Central Appalachian coalfields, Eastern Kentucky
Cotter Caitlin 2008 Difference with the Bubble: Religion at a Queer College Bryn Mawr College
DiPaola Ippolita 2008 Whose Community: The Re-Marginalization of Guatemalan Widows in Community Development after Hurricane Stan Guatemala
Dybbro Micaela 2008 Is Women's Rugby Culture being Sacrificed  for the Professionalization of the Sport?  An Ethnographic Study of the BMC-HC Women's Rugby Team
Foley Jillian 2008 Coca Leaves and the Formation of Bolivian Cultural Identity
Green Emily 2008 Anything's Possible? Let's Go Shopping! A field study on consumerism and capitalism in Second Life
Mills Jaclyn 2008 Surveillance in Physical and Discursive Space: An Analysis of Haverford College Haverford College
Neerukonda Shashi 2008 The Marketing of African Americans and African Immigrants: Stigmatizing Processes with HIV/AIDS
Rabinowich Jenny 2008 Refusing to Die of AIDS: Power, Politics and Re-imagining HIV within a Global AIDS Movement
Shriver Elizabeth 2008 "Community is not a spectator sport." An Exploration of the effects of Imaginative Expression in Community Building Efforts
Weber Jane 2008 Beyond Sandwiches, Syringes, and Medical Care: The Practice of Serving, Encountering, and Representing the Other Philadelphia
Yeung Christine 2008 Consuming For Change
Amar Priya 2007 Re-Mix: Haverford College's Multiracial Student Club Haverford
Taylor Claire 2007 The Interpreter: A Reflexive Analysis of Deafness in the Family Gig Harber, WA (family home)
Weiss Ingrid 2007 Counting Sheep; An Examination of Societal and Political Effect of Faith-Based Legislation Philadelphia--Salvation Army and the Episcopal Community Services
Stoffregen Alison 2007 Wixage Anai: An Analysis of Complexities in Movements of Urban Indigenous Identification Santiago, Chile--Wixage Anai Radio Program
Slutzky Shana 2007 Reversion to Islam: A Study of Racial and Spiritual Empowerment among African-American Muslims Various mosques in Albany, NY and South Philadelphia CONTACT: Aliya Z. Khabir,, 215-668-1092
Marschalk-Burns Anna 2007 Make Something of Yourself: The Connection between Discipline and Class Reproduction at Belmont Charter School Belmont Charter School (Phila.) and Coopertown Elementary School (Bryn Mawr)
Little David Sterling 2007 Contemporary Berlin's Holocaust Commemoration: Anti-Redemptive Logic in Memorial Architecture Berlin, Germany
Huh Monica 2007 Beyond Religion: How the Korean Presbyterian Church Meets Social and Cultural Needs of First-Generation Korean Americans Korean Presbyterian Church
Hartman Sarah 2007 Postcards of Us: Moroccan Textiles on the Global Market Tarmilat, Morocco--Women's Weaving Cooperative
Rhoads Elizabeth Lugbill 2007 Empowering "Culture": Homogenization, Standardization and Discrimination in Bali Kesiman, Bali
Rhi Janet 2007 Politics of ESL Learning: A Real Perspective Philadelphia--charter school
Pennington Amy 2007 Se Busca Una Cruz: Public Art and the Power of the Memorial in the Ni Una Mas Movement Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico
Gaynier Kelsey Lee 2007 From Lust to Money: An Ethnography on Women Who Perform Erotic Labor
Fiddner Andrew 2007 For the Player, By the Player: The Creation of Online, Video Game Communities
Fechter John 2007 Primitivism, Transgression, and other Myths: The Philosophical Anthropology of Georges Bataille
Cahill Colin 2007 Paroxysmal Installations: Painting Identities in Subversive Spaces on Bali, Indonesia Bali
Damascus James 2006 The Guardian Angels: A Case Study in Vigilantism NYC--WABC, Guardian Angels
Baldonado Mia 2006 Filipino American Cotillion: Dancing Across Boundaries Bergen County, NJ--Phillipine American Community of Bergen County
Burger Alexandra Beah 2006 Picturing the "Curious Amalgaam": Photographs of the Thai King as Nation as King Chiang Mai, Thailand
Leitner-Laserna Liliana Rosa 2006 A Question of Life, A Sentence of Death: Analysis of the Empowerment Discourse for HIV/AIDS in Guatemala City Guatemala City, Guatemala--Medecins Sans Fontieres clinic
Shookhoff Alexandra 2006 Affinity Groups: Commonality in Diversity Haverford College--Alliance of Latin American Students, Asian Student Association, Black Students League
Derickson Katherine 2006 Creating Kinship in North Philadelphia North Philadelphia--Village of Arts & Humanities
Greenberg Gregory 2005 The "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Body Factory: Mapping the Commodification of American Weightlifting Philadelphia--Philadelphia Sports Club
Perlberger Laura 2006 Lifestyle is the New Pink: Class, Consumption, and the Lilly Pulitzer Brand Community Ardmore, PA--Lilly Pulitzer store
Ogawa Morika 2006 Everyone Wears Blue Jeans: Epitomizing Contradictions in America's Most Familiar Clothing Haverford College
Lee Jenny 2006 The Carnival Ritual of "Mas" in Trinidad Trinidad
Bailey Austin 2006 The Jewel of Consumption: Culture, Status and Consumerism within Atlantic City Casinos Atlantic City, NJ
Halpern Adina 2006 Knitting Culture: The Social Processes of Hand Knitting in Philadelphia Philadelphia Area--BMC Knitting Club, Rosie's Knitting Circle, Main Line Knitting Group, Phillyknitters Stitch 'n Bitch, Fiber Nite
Gwynn Kristen 2006 The (Mexican) American Dream: Food, Identity, and Acculturation in Mexican Immigrants Norristown, PA--Accion Communal Latino Americano de Montgomery County
Moon Randolph 2006 Harnessing Hierarchy: Pick-up Basketball and the Power of the Win Haverford, Pa and Flint, MI
Basom Kit 2006 Cultivating Community and Place in Contested Space: Surveying the Moral Landscape of Urban Gardens West Philadelphia
Davison Emmy Nakasu 2005 Talking Story: The Role of Narrative in Cross-Cultural Medicine in Hawaii Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services, Wai'anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center--O'ahu, Hawaii
Brooker Megan Elizabeth 2005 Acclimatizing to the Altitude: Nepali Women's NGOs as Social Movement Organizations Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Conti Angelina 2005 Farming the World: A Construction of Reading Terminal Market Reading Terminal Market--Philadelphia
Resnick Elana 2005 Europe's "Blacks": Roma Youth and Constructions of Racial Identity vis-à-vis African American Pop Culture and Politics Equal Access Foundation--Sofia,Bulgaria, Roma Support Group--London, Krakow, Poland
Ali Noor 2005 A Partitioned Brotherhood: The Role of History, Violence, Memory, and Nationalism in the Formation of Identity and Community
Taylor Sally 2005 "Roaring at the Lion" The Articulation of Social and Religious Concerns at Zion Baptist Church Zion Baptist Church--Ardmore, PA
Rubinstein Rachel 2005 Contemplating Identity, Attachment, and Social Transformation: Mexican Immigrant Integration in Philadelphia and Chester Co. Nationalities Service Center--Philadelphia, Migrant Education Program--Chester County
Phan Brooke Bach-Tang 2005 The Viet Kieu's Return "Home": From Vietnam to California and Back Again Santa Ana/Orange County, CA, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Poon Su-Lyn 2005 In Search of Inspiration: Situating the Education/Entertainment Debate at the Franklin Institute Franklin Institute--Philadelphia
Sweet Eli 2005 Bullet on the Charts: Beef, the Media Industry and Rap Music in America
Peraza-Baker Aaron 2005 I Fan: Identity Formation and Community Construction through Selective Consumption SWIL, Doublestar, Anime Alliance clubs, Philcon and Katsucon conventions--Philadelphia
Rudenstine Sasha 2004 Nice Shoes: The Anthropology of Harm Reduction for Injection Drug Users NYC
Reineke Robin 2004 Remembering the Killing Fields Seattle, WA and Philadelphia
Schlissel Jennifer 2004 Domestic Violence in America: Conditions that Abet the Cycle of Abuse
Powell Erika 2004 The Derecho: An Anthropological Approach to Understanding Money Exchange in Santeria Cuba
Oliver Jennifer 2004 Belonging in a Resort Town: Coffee, Junk and Value Negotiation Brewster, MA
Moyer Ilana Beth 2004 Organizing Faith: An American Methodist and Jewish Teen Search for Identity United Synagogue Youth at Temple Beth Hillel Beth El--Wynnewood, PA and Camp Hill United Methodist Church--Camp Hill, PA
Greif Sasha 2004 Making Memories: Time in the Suburban Imagination Philadelphia suburbs
Marshall Tatiana 2004 Boners and Twats: Sexual Discourse and Political Pedagogy in a Sex Education Classroom Goat Crossing School--Philadelphia suburbs
Werbell Jenny 2004 Stepping up to the Gate: The Construction, Production, and Repercussions of Puerto Rican Identity in a Middle School Eugenio Maria de Hostos Bilingual Community Charter School--N. 5th St, Philadelphia
White Miranda 2004 Fantasies of a Past, Fantasies of a Future: Narrating Northern Liberties Northern Liberties, Philadelphia
Kyzmir Ericac 2004 Silence through Discourse: The Dating and Sexual Cultures of Haverford College Haverford College
Kleinman Julie 2004 Tending Sheep in the City: Migration, Domestic Violence, and the Failure of Development in Bolivia Programa de Investigacion Estrategica en Bolivia--Sucre, Bolivia
Schlesinger Zoe 2004 The Nemacolin Patch: Cultural Residue in a De-Industrialized Coal Mining Community Nemacolin, PA
Kohut Hannah 2006 The Myth of Tibet: Photographic Portrayals from the West and China
Bailey Katie 2004 Teaching the Whole Child: An Inquiry into the Applications and Implication of Multiculturalism in Education Talent Search, Cheever Middle School--West Philadelphia
McDonald Laura 2003 Disability Access at Haverford College: Quaker and Feminist Perspectives on Social Equality Haverford College
Wolcott Sara 2003 Film-Familiies, Documentary-Style: A Look at a Case Study from the Philadelphia Independent Documentary Film Community Philadelphia
Henderson Ariel 2003 Symbols of Resistance: A Study of Anarchist Space and Identity in Philadelphia The Wooden Shoe and the A-Space, West Philadelphia
Edmundson Kate 2003 Experiential Blues Identity: Analyzing Racial Categories of Difference in a Philadelphia Blues Club Warmdaddy's--Philadelphia
Ovadia Maya 2003 The Value of Currency: French Nationalism, Europeanization, and the Transition to the Euro in Nancy Nancy, France
Max-Sohmer Paula 2003 Bridging the Gap between Medicine and Culture: The Birth Center in Springfield, USA The Birth Center--Springfield, PA
Stevens Ginger 2003 Educating for Social Justice? Hierarchy and Principles of Equality in the Staff Experience at an Elite Quaker School Haverford College
Lopez Lois McAffrey 2003 Ritual--Community and the Embodiment of Knowledge Bryn Mawr College--McBride Scholars Community
James Leigh Biddle 2003 Authority, Obedience, and Lack of Intellectual Learning: Discipline in the Urban Public School Setting Weston Elementary School--West Philadelphia CONTACT: Mrs. Ludrick, West Philadelphia teacher
Fairbanks Courtney 2003 Their Own Lives: People with Disabilities Living Independently Liberty Resources--Philadelphia, Monterrey, Mexico
Ritson Megan 2002 Tradition and Identity: The Power of the Coach over Young Athletes Friends Central School--Philadelphia
Durham Caroline 2002 The Martha Stewart Lifestyle: Identity Creation and Appropriation for the Self
Courtney Langan Jane 2002 The Path to Reconciliation and Healing: Conflict Resolution Among Liberian Immigrants and Refugees in a Phila. Church Comm. Christ International Baptist Church--Southwest Philadelphia
Best Emily 2002 Primitive-Self-Skin-Society: Watching Boundaries Collapse in an Internet 'body modification community' Body Modification Ezine--online community
Romero Emily 2002 Thrift Stores and Networks of Secondhand Clothing: A Study of Consumer Culture(s) various thrift stores in Philadelphia, the Main Line, and Las Vegas, New Mexico
Knapp Kristin 2002 Exploring Dislocations: Narratives of Diaspora from the Liberian Community of Philadelphia Balch Institute--West Philadelphia
Murphy-Hoffmann Alanna 2002 The Construction of Irish American Identity and Folklore in the Post Famine Years: And Examination of the Modernization and Urbanization of Irish American Folklore and Identity Irish Catholic communities in the Northeastern U.S.
Halperin Glenna 2002 Creating Jewish Roots and Wings: The UAHC Eisner Camp Experience Joseph Eisner Institute of Living Judaism/the Union of American Hebrew Congregation--Great Barrington, Mass.
Leuschke Kate 2001 A Truth with Points of View Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, Mexico
Covey-Brandt Alexis 2001 Culture, Curriculum and Education: Images of Africa in the Classroom Heston Elementary School--Philadelphia, Landon School for Boys--Bethesda, MD
Baim-Lance Abigail 2001 Laying Claim, Forming Identity: Unweaving Chicago's Devon Avenue Devon Avenue, Chicago
Waldman Maren 2002 West Coast Swing and the Freedom of Feeling West Coast Swing dances throughout Pennsylvania
Waldron Kristy 2002 Concealing as Healing: An (Inter)Disciplinary Approach to the American Cancer Society's Look Good…Feel Better Program Look Good…Feel Better Program (American Cancer Society)--Bryn Mawr, Pa
Goldfus Shoshi 2002 You're Listening at Me & I'm Listening at You: The Impact of Worldview of the Events at Mt. Carmel Center 2/28-4/19 1993
Feeney Siobhan 2000 Among the Young: Cultural Agency of Children and Youth in Peace Time Belfast Quaker Cottage--Belfast, Northern Ireland
Morris Ben 2001 Deconstructing the Construction of Murals: An Investigation of Murals and Graffiti in Philadelphia Mural Arts Program--Philadelphia
Baker Diana 2001 Jamaican and Haitian: Creoles? Haitian Community Center and Jamaican churches--Philadelphia
Aydin Tamar 2000 What Happens when the Image of the Folk Does Not Work for the Folk? Tibrevank Graduates Creating Community Soorp Khatch Tibrevank--Istanbul, Turkey
Lewis Addie 2000 Mobile and Motivated: Modernity and the Life Choices of Anglo Dati Olim Jerusalem
Feuer Aaron 2000 Online Adolescence: Social Development among Teens in Chat Rooms American Online Chat Rooms
Ahn Eugene 2000 The Hybridity of Hip-Hop Music: Culture, Purism, and R&B
Targum Elliot 1999 Learning the ABCs: Pre-Kindergarten Children and the Transmission of Upper-Middle Class Culture The Haverford School--Haverford, PA and The Main Line Reform Synagogue Pre-School--Lower Merion, PA
Carlson Linnea Ann 1999 Resistance on the Front-line: A Case Study of Employee Resistance to Policy Change Within a Corporate Organizational Setting
Gavioli Lisa 1999 A Myth of Mesopotamia: Archaeology, Culture, and State Formation in Iraq
Kluber Amy 1999 Tracing the Past in the Present: The Recalling of History as a Legitimization for the Foundation of Segregated Religious Comms & Search for a Religious Identification Mother of God Catholic Community--Montgomery Village, MD
Greenspan Elizabeth 1999 Economic Ethnicity on the Italian Market: How the Commodification of an Ethnic Past Affects Business Italian Market--South Philadelphia
Forter Alexandra 1999 Articulating Temporality: A Study of the Contemporary pan-Maya Movement in Guatemala El Triunfo, Communities of Population in Resistance--outside Retalhuleu, Guatemala
Greenlee Gaby 1998 The Reciprocal Construction of the Image and Viewer
Tran Djung 1998 Mainstream and 'Other,' Male and Female: Competing Cultural Paradigms with the American Legal System
Nakamura Minako 1998 Untitled
Glijansky Ghena Matyas 1998 Irene Saez: From Miss to Mayor--Politics and the Image of Woman in Venezuela
Einaudi Gian Paolo 1998 Apples and Oranges: An Analysis of Those Who Revisit Accepted Perspectives
Feigenberg Luba Falk 1998 Understanding the Word Versus the World: An Ethnography of Literacy Philadelphia public school system
Salter Amanda 1998 In Fear of Fitna: Turkish Gender Ideologies
Gage Cynthia 1998 Viability in the Face of Failure: Does Morality Outlast Marriage?
Doran Jennifer 1998 Importance of an "Afro-Brazilian" Construct in Salvador, Brazil Operation Crossroads Africa--Salvador, Brazil
Lloyd Morgan 1998 Systems of Justice: The Honor Code at Haverford College Haverford College
Barrow Darla Rochelle 1998 The Interconnectedness of Religion: Economics and Spirituality in Early Medieval Meccan Society
Hayward Morgan 1998 The Disorder of Infertility
Dangers Diem Thi Bui 1998 "Play Upon Form": The Equivocal Discourse of Nationalism
Van Vleck Amanda 1997 Cracking the Whip: A Discussion of the Discipline of the Body in Sport
Bergstrom Madeline Still 1997 Carpe Otium: Leisure, Affluence, and the Use of Time
Gergans Nicole 1997 Anthropology and Paradox: A Study of the Debate and Dialogue of Female Circumcisions