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Haverford College
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Faculty: Research: Laurie Kain Hart

Laurie Kain Hart

Laurie HartLaurie Kain Hart is Stinnes Professor of Global Studies and Professor of Anthropology at Haverford College. She holds a Master of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from Harvard University. Her research focuses on the circum-Mediterranean area and the urban U.S., and, topically, on religious practice; gender; ethnonationalism and border history; sectarian and urban violence; pluralism, spatial segregation and population displacement; architecture and housing; photography and visual anthropology. Her recent publications are grounded in field research in Northern Greece (on former political refugees of the Greek Civil War) and Philadelphia (on urban poverty, segregation, and risk). She teaches courses in ethnonationalism and the anthropology of violence; the anthropology of art; space, place and architecture/ housing; psychoanalytic anthropology; the anthropology of Greece and the Mediterranean; and social theory and contemporary ethnography.

Selected Publications

Prespa-Aghios-Achillios-Resting-at-Basilica East-Harlem-Papo-2005 Naples-Shrine


  • Time, Religion and Social Experience in Rural Greece. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1992.

Co-authored and Edited Books

  • Broz, Svetlana. Good People in an Evil Time. Edited with an introduction by Laurie Kain Hart. Trans. Ellen Elias-Bursac. New York, Other Press. 2004.
  • Christina Vlachoutsikos with the collaboration of Laurie Kain Hart, eds. 2003. Otan Gynaikes Ekhoun Diafores: Antitheseis kai Syngrouseis Gynaikon sti Synkhroni Ellada,. Athens: Medousa. [When Women have Differences: Oppositions and Conflicts among Women in Contemporary Greece.]

Selected Articles

  • * 2012. “Pictures at a Transboundary Basilica.” Donum natalicium digitaliter confectum Gregorio Nagy septuagenario a discipulis collegis familiaribus oblatum. (A Virtual Birthday Gift Presented to Gregory Nagy on Turning Seventy by his Students, Colleagues, and Friends.) Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University, Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, Mass.
  • 2012. “Expectations of the State: An Exile Returns to his Country.” In: Contesting the State: Dynamics of Resistance and Control, eds. Bruce Kapferer and Angela Hobart. London: Sean Kingston Publications. Pp. 225-259. PDF Article
  • 2011. “Comment on Stuart Alexander Rockefeller, ‘Flow.” Current Anthropology, Vol. 52, No. 4 (August 2011), Article and Discussion, p. 557-578.
  • 2011. “Structural Vulnerability and Health: Latino Migrant Laborers in the United States.” Co-authored with James Quesada and Philippe Bourgois. Medical Anthropology, 30:4. PDF Article
  • 2010 “Science, Religion and the Challenges of Substance Abuse Treatment.” Substance Use & Misuse, 45:2395–2399. Co-authored with Philippe Bourgois. PDF Article
  • 2009. “Popular Anthropology and the State: David Maybury-Lewis and Pluralism.” Pp. 1033-1043. Anthropological Quarterly, Volume 82, Number 4, Fall 2009. PDF Article
  • 2009. With Tasoula Vervenioti. “Taxidi Stis Prespes, Iounios 2009;” kai “Proforiki Martyria.” 278-286 stin Anaparastaseis tis Istorias: I Dekaetia tou 1940; Mesa apo ta Arkheia tou Diethnous Erythrou Stavrou. Athens: Ekdotikos Oikos Melissa.(“Voyage to Prespa, June 2009;” and “Personal Testimony of a Child Exile.” Pp. 278-286 in Representations of History: The Decade of the 1940s; Inside the Archives of the International Red Cross. Athens: Melissa Publishers.)
  • *2006. “Provincial Anthropology, Circumlocution, and the Copious Use of Everything.” In Anastasia Karakasidou and Fotini Tsimbiridou eds. The Journal of Modern Greek Studies: Special issue: Ethnography-ing Greece in Late Modernity. Volume 24, No. 2, October 2006. Pp. 307-346.
  • 2005 “How to do things with things: architecture and ritual in Northern Greece” In Greek Ritual Poetics. Eds. Dimitrios Yatromanolakis and Panayiotis Roilos, Harvard University Press. Pp 383-404. PDF Article
  • *2004 “Afterword: Space and Place.” Pp.183-196 in Stephan Feuchtwang, ed. Making Place in China: State Projects, Globalization, and local responses in China. London: University of London Press.
  • 2004 “Work, Labor and Artisans in the Modern World.” (Review essay of Michael Herzfeld, 2004. The Body Impolitic: Artisans and Artifice in the Global Hierarchy of Value.) In Anthropological Quarterly, Fall 2004. pp. 595-609.
  • *2004 with John Borneman. “An Elastic Institution; Gay matrimony…” Op-Ed piece published in the Washington Post, April 14, 2004.
  • *2004 “Introduction: Why Read This Book?” Broz, Svetlana. Good People in an Evil Time. Trans. Ellen Elias-Bursac. Edited with an introduction by Laurie Kain Hart. New York, Other Press.
  • *2003 “To Endiapheron Sympheron tis Syngrousis” (“The interest of conflict.”) In : Christina Vlachoutsikou in cooperation with Laurie Kain Hart (eds), When Women have Differences-Oppositions and Conflicts between Women in Contemporary Greece, Athens: Medousa-Sellas.
  • *1999 "Culture, Civilization, and Demarcation at the North-West Borders of Greece." American Ethnologist, (1999) 26(1):196-220.

Video/Media/Visual Anthropology

  • 2012--Video in progress: Child Political Refugees of the Greek Civil War.
  • 2010--Hayti: An Oasis: Passtown Baptist Church (Coatesville, PA). A Scribe Video, Precious Places Production. (Collaborative script, video, production, editing)
    Premiere: Philadelphia, International House, April 2, 2010.
    Aired: WHYY TV12 – Sunday, Nov 14, 2010, 10:30pm.
    Y-Arts – Monday, Nov 22, 2010, 8:30pm.
  • 2009-2011 Guest Co-Curator for exhibit, "Righteous Dopefiend: Homelessness, Poverty and Addiction in Urban America", University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archeology (with Philippe Bourgois and Jeff Schonberg.)

News Media

  • Invited discussant with John Borneman on The Denis Prager Show (I hr) on gay marriage. Talk radio WNTP (Los Angeles and national broadcast). April 15, 2004.