We recommend that all applicants schedule an interview. Interview Deadline: January 15.

Haverford students sitting in a circle having class outside.

Interviews are generally available beginning in the spring of your junior year through early January of your senior year. If you live within 150 miles of the Haverford campus, we strongly recommend that you have an on-campus interview.

If you live farther than 150 miles from campus, we recommend that you interview on campus if you can, but alternatively, you can request an interview with an Alumni Volunteer near your home.

Scheduling an Interview

On-Campus Interview

Please call (610) 896-1350 to schedule in advance; the earlier you call, the more likely a convenient interview slot will be available.

April, August and October are the busiest visit months, so you'll have an easier time scheduling an interview if you can avoid those months.

Off-Campus Interview

At this time, we have completed all interviews for Fall 2015 (Class of 2019) applicants. Please be assured that interviews are not required for admission and you are not at a disadvantage if you did not have the opportunity to interview.

Applicants for Fall 2016 (Class of 2020) may request off-campus interviews beginning in late summer. On-campus interviews for Fall 2016 applicants will resume in late March; please call 610-896-1350 to schedule on-campus interviews.