Guest & Special Student Admission

If you would like to attend Haverford full time for one semester or a full year as a non-degree-seeking student, you may apply to be a Guest Student. If you would like to take a class at Haverford as a part-time, non-degree-seeking student, you may wish to apply as a Special Student.

International Applicants

If English is not your first language, we recommend that you take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) - Haverford code #2289. Please see for more information.

Application Checklist and Deadlines

Guest and Special Student applications must be postmarked by December 15 (for spring enrollment) or July 31 (for fall enrollment). We'll notify you of our decision as soon as possible.

Guest Students
Special Students
  • Guest Eligibility

    A student is eligible to be a guest student if at least one year has been completed as a full-time student at a college or university. Please note that the Guest Student program is not intended as a gateway to transfer admission. Guest Students are not given any preferential consideration in the transfer admission process, which is extremely competitive. (Please see our transfer page for more information.)

    Tuition and Fees Per Semester
    • Tuition $23,395
    • Room $4,090
    • Board $3,085
    • Activity Fee $212
    • Bookstore Account Deposit $600
    • Total $31,382

    Financial aid is not available for guest students.

    Guest Student Application Checklist
    1. Guest Student Application with attached Personal Statement
    2. $65 application fee
    3. Dean's Form with attached college transcript
    4. Secondary school transcript with attached test results (SAT or ACT and any SAT Subject Tests you have taken)
    Campus Housing for Guest Students

    Campus housing is not guaranteed, but may be possible depending on the space available. If campus housing is required in order for you to enroll, please let us know on the application.

  • Special Student Eligibility

    You're eligible to be a special student if you are a high school student or older and wish to take a class (one per semester maximum) at Haverford. Admission is for one course at a time; a new application must be filed for each term. The program is not available to students on school probation (academic or otherwise) or students wishing to retake courses failed at other institutions. Special Students are not candidates for degrees at Haverford, but they participate fully in the courses in which they are enrolled, receive academic credit for satisfactory performance, and receive official transcripts. Campus housing is not available to special students

    Classes available to Special Students

    All classes are available except those:

    • specifically excluded in the registration materials
    • with limited enrollment (unless under-enrolled)
    • labeled independent study or project courses (usually numbered 400-499)
    • where the professor requested no special students
    2013-14 Cost of Attendance

    One class costs $5,848, not including books or supplies. Tuition remission is available to full-time Haverford employees and to the spouses of full-time Haverford faculty and senior administrative staff. (The children of full-time Haverford employees are eligible as well, but only if they are willing to exchange one year of their tuition remission benefit for each class taken – very few find this an appealing trade.) Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible for tuition remission; please refer to the Staff Handbook for benefit information. Financial aid is not otherwise available for special students.

    Special Student Application Checklist
    1. Special Student Application
    2. College transcript or, if none, secondary school transcript with attached test results (SAT or ACT and any SAT Subject Tests you have taken)
    3. Secondary school students: permission letter from school official if the course meets during school hours
    4. Haverford employees only: permission letter from supervisor if the course meets during work hours