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Haverford College

2008: Artists' Songs and Media



A multi-task expert by nature, Terrell Woods A.K.A Carnage The Executioner is widely recognized for his mind-numbing lyrical dexterity, abnormal freestyling ability, and boundless energy on both stage & songs, and uncanny knack to compose musical symphonies with his mouth through beat boxing. Carnage is often referred to as "the hardest working emcee without a record deal," "everybody's favorite rapper," and "the show stealer." Unlike most Independent emcees who travel the path of organized battles to earn themselves a "name," Carnage has made a respectable name for himself through the display of raw talent. This quality makes Carnage the type of emcee that does not necessarily need to engage in battles to prove his skill level, instead making him the type one prefers to have on their side as a collaborator. Carnage can often be quoted giving his catchy, one-lined, self-adhered-to brand of advice, "Hustle the struggle, don't let the struggle hustle you!" When looking at Carnage, what you see is the physical manifestation of determination, solidarity, intensity & goodness. In summer of 2007, Carnage released his first solo album, "Sense Of Sound" independently on his own Hecatomb Industries label. "Sense Of Sound" was listed as number 9 in the top 10 best selling CD's in MN in Fifth Element and the number 3 best seller in Electric Fetus!

Bring the Soul Back


DJ Wrek

DJ Wrek started scratching in high school with buddy DJ Ozone (hottest beats around, holla!) who got him into Hip-Hop and after watching the movie Juice. He is partnered with Emetrece Productions. Chicago's own DJ wrek has made a series of guest appearances in the Twin Cities, such as the Emetrece Productions present an Afro Latin Tribute to MLK day and the Maria Isa M.I. Split Personalities CD release party. DJ Wrek is internationally known for producing the best hip-hop, reggaeton, and dancehall mix tapes on the streets.

Dancehall Mix


María Isa

Born and raised in the Twin Cities to Nuyorican parents, emcee, singer, and songwriter María Isa is recognized for her dedication towards celebrating her cultural diversity through music and her political activism. Influenced by the traditional Afro-Boricua ritmos of Bomba and Plena, along with Soul and Funk of Motown and Fania's fusion of Salsa and Bugaloo, Isa plants an organic blend of call and response with lyrical "Spanglish" rhymes through the various drumbeats and snares of Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall and Reggaeton. In 1992 she started her performing arts education at El Arco Iris Center for Arts, forming Raices in 2002 with other advanced students to conserve their ancestral Puerto Rican folkloric music. Joining Emetrece Productions in 2006 to promote her music in the Twin Cities and in Puerto Rico, as well as to study the curriculum of Hip-Hop and Reggaeton, Isa recently released her first independent album M.I. Split Personalities (Emetrece Productions) in May of 2007. Known for delivering her message through a unique flow, many believe María Isa to be a young woman with the rays of revolutionizing the next generations of voices.

Die, Not Kill (Lolita)


DJ Willy Wizz

DJ Willy Wizz's whole life is about music. From age 8-18, he lived in Hollywood, CA, where his father produced for the likes of Stevie Wonder, and Earth, Wind, & Fire. He returned to Europe in 1993, followed by four years of travel to Hong Kong, Cairo, Casablanca, Taiwan etc., just mixing! When he again returned to Europe, he decided to live off his own music, and signed with BMG, learning all about the French industry at that time. He decided to go Indie, and has since been focused on finding new platforms, and markets for his music, ultimately wanting to produce for Afro-American artists. He has worked with Alec Costandinos, Don Ray, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Shugarhill Gang, Winston McAnuff, Intik, La Fonky Familly, Melaaz, MC Dynamax of the Zulu Nation, Dee Nasty, SaïanSupaCrew, Alpha Blondy, L'Orchestre National De Barbès, Youss, Sinsemillia, Cheb Mami, Takfarinas, Reevox, Ali Mitchell, Shaman Vibes, Godfrey Peeda, and Matt Moerdock.

Seven Mexicans


Matt Moerdock

Matt Moerdock is the perfect combination of Street Knowledge and HipHop culture in their purest forms. With the release of his solo debut album in 2005, «D'Art de Ville», Matt Moerdock became one of the most respected emcees in the "real" French HipHop scene. His music is original, his rhymes are tight, and he brings a HipHop philosophy. Back in the studio to record his 2nd album, Matt Moerdock wants the best sound to export his music. 10 producers (Joks, Michebome 494, DJ Willy Wizz, Mo G, Hocine, Durmus, Indi K, Jotta Jotta, DJ Seth, Thomas, DJ Subtil), 15 musicians from the Czech Republic Philarmonic Orchestra, 10 musicians French artists ( Linda, Flavien, Hughues, Stap, Antony, Momo, Patrice), 3 Djs, and songs recorded in 3 countries (France, Czech Republic, Spain)–comprise a new vision of HipHop, what Matt Moerdock is cooking in his "Hell's Kitchen." The message is still positive, and Matt Moerdock is still focused on giving a true and postive image of what HipHop is. This time he is about to take us to a higher level. A mix of Science, Street Knowledge, Religion and Mathematics forthcoming in 2008.

Sortez Des Rangs


DJ Rekha

DJ Rekha is an eclectic DJ, producer, curator and founder of Basement Bhangra™. She was named "Ambassador of Bhangra" by the New York Times as well as "one of the most influential South Asians in the United States" by Newsweek. She was the Sound Designer for the OBIE winning Broadway Show, "Bridge and Tunnel." Rekha was the Associate Producer for the NPR Radio Documentary, "A Feet in Two Worlds". Her debut album, "DJ Rekha presents Basement Bhangra” is on Koch Records. She has curated shows for Central Park Summerstage, Creative Time, and Celebrate Brooklyn. Her company, Sangament, Inc provides music consulting services and produces live events.

Basement Bhangra