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Haverford College

2008: AcadeMIX Live!

AcadeMIX Live!

AcadeMIX Live! Poster

AcadeMIX live! was an "International Hip Hop Showcase" featuring an academic panel, concert event, and master classes on deejaying and beatboxing with several scholars from top tier institutions of higher education, and international artists. I worked with Jason McGraw, Director of Student Activities at Haverford College, and a group of dedicated students to create this spring semester flagship event.

Haverford students took an active role in the planning, promotion, and experience of AcadeMIX live! and the results were amazing. Please visit the gallery to see the photos.

Goodbye and very best wishes,
Prof. M. McMath

AcadeMIX live! was sponsored by The Office of the President, Collection, Center for Peace and Global Citizenship, Distinguished Visitors, Hurford Humanities Center, The Dean's Office, Department of Anthropology, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Students for Justice in Palestine, Muslim Students Association, Alliance of Latin American Students, Diversity House, Re-Mix, Student Political Network, Multicultural Scholars Program, and Women of Color.