The Honor Code

Though the College’s cherished Honor Code started its life in 1897 as a simple system for holding exams without proctors, it has become the purest expression of the College’s values and an intrinsic part of a Haverford education.

Honor Council

Honor Council’s responsibility within the community is to take care of administrative and outreach aspects of the Honor Code.

Honor Council

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The Honor Code was the feature article in the Winter 2013 issue of Haverford Magazine.

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The Honor Code has a tremendous impact on the Haverford community, influencing everything from the spirit of academic openness to personal relationships. The Honor Code has been in place for more than 100 years, yet it is a dynamic aspect of life at Haverford: it is revised and must be re-ratified every year by the student body. It is one of the most unique facets of life at Haverford, helping to establish an environment based on mutual trust, concern, and respect.

The Code guarantees that once students graduate from Haverford they’ve learned more than just French or physics or philosophy. They’ve learned responsibility and citizenship and how being a trustworthy, concerned and respectful community member makes every community stronger.

Reflections of our Honor Code include self-scheduled, un-proctored exams, the absence of RAs in dorms, 24-hour lab access, and the lack of an admission enrollment deposit.


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