Courses: Imagining the Arctic: Reading Contemporary Ethnographies of the North (ENVSH203B01)

Spring 2015

Circumpolar regions have been imagined as vast, remote, wild and pristine regions of the planet. More recently, with images of polar bears sinking on sea ice, the Arctic has been depicted as vulnerable, imperiled by climate change and environmental destruction. Focusing on ethnography, this course examines how scholars have engaged critical issues facing the contemporary Arctic. Themes include local/global interactions, indigenous politics, resource extraction, human/animal relations, self-governance and cultural politics. Readings include, Franz Boas, Jean Briggs, Eleanor Leacock, George Wenzel, Hugh Brody, Julie Cruikshank , Kirk Dombrowski and Lisa Stevenson.

Prerequisites: Intro to Anthropology or Case Studies in Environmental Issues (or the equivalent).

Fulfills: SO Limit:15

Meeting Times

TTh 1:00-2:30