Courses: Arts Foundation-Drawing (ARTSH106G01)

Spring 2015

This is a seven week, half semester course designed to provide an overview of basic drawing techniques addressing line, form, space, and composition. Various drawing methods will be introduced in class, and students will gain experience in drawing by working from still life, models, and the landscape. Students will explore a range of materials, wet, dry, collage, and some projects are designed to expand on the idea of drawing with three-dimensional concepts. ARTSH106 is only offered the first half of each semester with ARTSH104(Foundation Sculpture) offered the second half of each semester.If unable to attend first day of class email professor.

Prerequisites: Preference to declared majors who need Foundations, and to students who have entered the lottery for the same Foundations course at least once without success.

Fulfills: HU III Limit:18


Fine Arts (Web site)

Taught By

Markus Baenziger (Profile)

Meeting Times

M 1:00-4:00