Courses: Nature/ Culture: An Introduction to Environmental Anthropology (ANTHH281B01)

Spring 2015

This course will introduce students to the emerging field of environmental anthropology that focuses on the interrelationship between human cultures and natural environments. Environmental anthropology studies the various ways in which our biological survival and our social structures are influenced by environmental factors around us, while at the same time analyzing how our actions shape these environmental factors in turn. The course will engage with some of the key themes of the major sub-disciplines of environmental anthropology, viz. ecological anthropology, ethnoecology, political ecology, environmental justice, and sustainability studies. Topics covered will include human adaptation, traditional environmental knowledge, food justice, race/ class and access to safe environment, etc.

Prerequisites: Anth 103 or Envs 101.

Fulfills: SO I Limit:25


Anthropology (Web site)

Taught By

Joshua Moses (Profile)

Meeting Times

MW 11:30-1:00