Courses: Laboratory in Personality Psychology (PSYCH315F01)

Fall 2014

An overview of methods used to conduct research on personality. Through lab activities and class projects, students will learn about important methodological topics within the study of personality, including measurement, reliability and validity, different modes of data collection (self-report questionnaires, interviews and narratives, observational and experimental approaches), and how to analyze and interpret personality data. Lottery preference to Psych Sr Majors first, then Jr Majors next, then Minors in that order and then by Class; i.e. Srs first, etc. Lottery preference to Psyc Majors, Minors, and then by Class. Srs Majors first; then Jr Majors, then Minors, etc.

Prerequisites: Past or concurrent enrollment in PSYC 215 (Personality Psychology) is required. Completion of PSYC 200 (Stats/Methods) is strongly recommended; however, concurrent enrollment with PSYC 200 may be permissible with instructor’s approval.

Fulfills: SO I Limit:20


Haverford, Hlls 204

Meeting Times

M 1:00-2:30