Courses: Encuentros culturales (SPANB232001)

Spring 2014

Class Number: 1599
This course introduces canonical Latin American texts through translation scenes represented in them. Arranged chronologically since the first encounters during the conquest until contemporary times, the readings trace different modulations of a constant linguistic and cultural preoccupation with translation in Latin America. Translation scenes are analyzed through close reading, and then considered as barometers for understanding the broader cultural climate. Special emphasis is placed on key notions for literary analysis and translation studies, as well as for linking the literary text with cultural, social, political, and historical processes. Prerequisites: SPAN B110 and/or B120 (previously SPAN B200/B202).
Div: III; Approach: Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC); Haverford: Humanities (HU)

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1599 Div: III; CC;


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Taught By

Gaspar,Martin L

Meeting Times

TTH 2:30pm-4:00pm