Courses: Intermediate French (FRENB004001)

Spring 2014

Class Number: 1200
The emphasis on speaking, understanding, and writing French is continued; texts from French literature and cultural media are read; and short papers are written in French. Students use the Language Learning Center regularly and attend supplementary oral practice sessions. The course meets in non-intensive (three hours a week) sections that are supplemented by an extra hour per week with an assistant. This is a year-long course; both semesters are required for credit.
Div: Lang 2; Haverford: Humanities (HU)
Enrollment Limit: 18; Enrollment Criteria: Placement Exam; Students
must register for one of the five 4th hour sections (00A-00E). 00D
and 00E are at Haverford. 4th Hour section are limited to 12 students.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1200 Div: Lang 2; HU


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Meeting Times

MWF 11:00am-12:00pm