Courses: China and the World (POLSB216001)

Fall 2013

Class Number: 1500
In the 20th Century, China’s rise has been one of the most distinctive political affairs changing the landscape of regional and world politics. Especially, China’s breathtaking growth has challenged the foundations and limits of the market economy and political liberalization theoretically and empirically. This course examines the Chinese economic and political development and its implications for other Asian countries and the world. This course has three aims: 1) to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the Chinese Economic development model in comparison to other development models, 2) to conduct a comprehensive analysis of political and socio-economic exchanges of China and its relations with other major countries in East Asia, and 3) to construct a thorough understanding of challenges and opportunities for China from its extraordinary economic growth.
Div: I; Approach: Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC); Haverford: Social Science (SO)
Enrollment Limit: 30;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1500 Div: I; CC;


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Bryn Mawr, DAL2

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TTH 8:15am-9:45am