Courses: Phenomenology (PHILB338001)

Fall 2013

Class Number: 1366
This upper-level seminar will consider the two main proponents of phenomenology—a movement in philosophy in the 20th century that attempted to restart philosophy in a radical way. Its concerns are philosophically comprehensive: ontology, epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics, and so on. Phenomenology provides the important background for other later developments in 20th-century philosophy and beyond: existentialism, deconstruction, post-modernism. This seminar will focus primarily on Edmund Husserl’s Crisis of the European Sciences and Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time. Other writings to be considered include some of Heidegger’s later work and Merleau-Ponty’s preface to his Phenomenology of Perception.
Div: III; Haverford: Humanities (HU)
Enrollment Criteria: Sophmore; Junior; Senior; Major/Minor/Concentration;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1366 Div: III; HU


Philosophy (Web site)

Taught By

Dostal,Robert J.


Bryn Mawr, TH118

Meeting Times

MW 10:00am-11:30am