Courses: Anthropology of Displacement (PEACH353A01)

Fall 2013

Migration, displacement and tourism at a mass scale are a modern phenomenon. These different forms of movements have intensified debates over the other, identity, home, and exile. This course offers a critical examination of the question of human movement in the age of globalization. Some of the issues that will we focus on include: national identity and globalization, mass media, nostalgia and the notion of home, and imagination of the past/home among migrant groups. The course will also explore new academic approaches that have emphasized hybrid identities and double-consciousness among both migrant communities and the host countries.

Prerequisites: one 200-level course in Anthropology, Political Science, Sociology, or History

Fulfills: SO Limit:15


Haverford, Stokes 119

Meeting Times

F 1:30-4:00