Courses: Cultures of Health & Healing: An Introduction to Medical Anthropology (ANTHH260A01)

Fall 2013

Are our bodies, ourselves lively artifacts? How do social, cultural and political forces shape health, illness and survival as well as understandings and experiences of “the body”? This introductory course in medical anthropology approaches these questions by examining ethnographic studies and cross-comparative analyses. Topics include diverse concepts of disease etiology and healing practice; theories of embodiment and somatization; ethnomedicine, medical pluralism, and (bio)medicalization; structural violence, inequalities, and social suffering; political and moral economies of global health and medical humanitarianism; HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases; and effects of new medical technologies on how “we” live and die.

Prerequisites: Intro to anthropology or equivalent related course in social sciences

Fulfills: SO Limit:25


Haverford, Hall 106

Meeting Times

MW 1:00-2:30