Courses: Performance in Latin America (ANTHB221001)

Fall 2013

Class Number: 1063
This course examines performance in Latin America, addressing performances that range from the everyday to the staged. Topics include: self-presentation and gender; food and sports; political ceremonies, personalities, and protest; religion, ritual, and rites of passage; literature, music, theater, dance, and performance art. In particular, students will attend to the situation of local practices within a global context, and to the relationship between culture, politics, and aesthetics. Prerequisites: ANTH B102, or permission of instructor.
Div: I; Approach: Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC);
Enrollment Limit: 25; Enrollment Criteria: Sophomore; Junior;
Senior; Major/Minor/Concentration; Lottery; Instructor Permission;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1063 Div: I; CC;


Anthropology (Web site)

Taught By



Bryn Mawr, DAL2

Meeting Times

MWF 11:00am-12:00pm