Courses: Origins of the Global South (HISTH114A01)

Fall 2013

COURSE DESCRIPTION This course examines the first phase of �globalization� in world history, with particular emphasis on the years from approximately 1300-1800. It provides a basic introduction to the social and cultural history of late medieval and early modern Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. Thematically, the course focuses on trans-regional processes such as the emergence of states and the formation of empires; trade and technology transfers; varied historically situated constructions of gender and sexuality; and many types of cultural exchanges, including the emergence and spread of world religious traditions. The issue of representation in the construction of historical memory (how we record, interpret and recreate the past orally, visually and in writing) is also systematically engaged throughout the course.

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Fulfills: SO III


Haverford, Hall 107

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TTh 10:00-11:30