Courses: Topics in Mod European History-Decolonization Politics/Cultur (HISTB319001)

Fall 2012

Class Number: 1300
This is a topics course. Course content varies.
Div: I or III; Haverford: Social Science (SO)
Current topic description: Has Europe decolonized? In the realm of
formal politics, the answer is, of course, affirmative. This course,
however, will assume a broader definition of politics that encompasses
power structures, large and small, that contour everyday life. With
primary focus on France and Britain, students will explore the weight
of the history of colonialism on the political and cultural life of
these European societies. Topics include the international politics
of decolonization, colonial/postcolonial migrant communities, and
literature and theory concerning decolonization.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1300 Div: I or III; SO


History (Web site)

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Bryn Mawr, DAL212E

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W 12:00pm-2:00pm