Courses: Taming the Modern Corporation (ECONB213001)

Fall 2012

Class Number: 1230
Introduction to the economics of industrial organization and regulation, focusing on policy options for ensuring that corporations enhance economic welfare and the quality of life. Topics include firm behavior in imperfectly competitive markets; theoretical bases of antitrust laws; regulation of product and occupational safety; environmental pollution; and truth in advertising. Prerequisite: ECON 105.
Div: I; Haverford: Social Science (SO)
Current topic description: Part of the Transforming Legacy of Oil
360, the focus of this course will be on the history of oil and oil
related activities in Pennsylvania, as well as on the steps necessary
to organize a conference at Bryn Mawr College on January 18 and 19,
2013. Students must also register for ECON 213, Taming the Modern
Corporation, and CITY 377, The Global Architecture of Oil. To be
considered for this course, students must preregister and submit this
questionnaire. by
midnight on Thursday, April 5. Incomplete or late submissions cannot
be considered.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1230 Div: I; SO


Economics (Web site)

Taught By

Ross,David R.


Bryn Mawr, DAL25

Meeting Times

MW 10:00am-11:30am