Courses: Integ Biochem & Molculr Bio I (BIOLB375001)

Fall 2012

Class Number: 1149
The first semester of a two-semester course that focuses on the structure and function of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids, enzyme kinetics, metabolic pathways, gene regulation and recombinant DNA techniques. Students will explore these topics via lecture, critical reading and discussion of primary literature and laboratory experimentation. Three hours of lecture, three hours of lab per week. Prerequisite: BIOL 110 and 111, and two semesters of organic chemistry.
Div: IIL; Haverford: Natural Science (NA)
Students will select a Tuesday or Wednesday meeting time. Enrollment
Limit: 24; Enrollment Criteria: Sophomore; Junior; Senior;
Major/Minor/Concentration; Lottery; Instructor Permission;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1149 Div: IIL; NA


Biology (Web site)

Taught By



Bryn Mawr, PK229

Meeting Times

MW 10:00am-11:30am