Courses: Elementary Spanish II (SPANB002001)

Spring 2012

Class Number: 1250
Grammar, composition, conversation, listening comprehension; readings from Spain, Spanish America and the Hispanic community in the United States. Practice sessions with a language assistant. Prerequisite: 001 or placement.
Div: Lang 1; Haverford: Humanities (HU)
Enrollment Limit: 18; Enrollment Criteria: Freshman; Sophmore;
Junior; Senior; Placement Exam;

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1250 Div: Lang 1; ; HU


Spanish (Web site)

Taught By

Mayer,Kaylea B.
Teaching Assistant,TBA


Bryn Mawr, BYC127,BYC127

Meeting Times

MWF 8:00am-9:00am,TTH 7:45am-8:45am