Courses: Culture and Development (PSYCB222001)

Spring 2012

Class Number: 1912
This course focuses on development and enculturation within nested sets of interacting contexts (e.g. family, village, classroom/work group, peer group, culture). Topics include the nature of culture, human narrativity, acquisition of multiple literacies, and the way in which developing mind, multiple contexts, cultures, narrativity, and literacies help forge identities. Prerequisites: PSYC 105 and PSYC 206, or Permission of the Instructor
This course is part of the 360 Learning and Narrating Childhoods.
Enrollment limited to 15.This questionnaire must be completed and
submitted no later than midnight, Tuesday, November 1st , 2011 to be
considered for the 360:
This is a three unit course cluster (with the opportunity for a
fourth credit with independent work). Students wishing to travel to
Ghana will have to be enrolled in all three courses: EDUC B250, FREN
B254 and PSYC B222. You will be expected to commit yourself entirely
to the work in each class as well as to the process of thinking across
the boundaries between courses in a manner that promotes an overall
synthetic vision of development, culture, and education(s) in a global
context. There will be several group discussions in which all students
and faculty involved will join together. One such meeting will take
place before our trip to Ghana and one will take place afterwards. At
the end of the semester, we will once again come together to present
our findings and the results of individual student’s research. The
trip to Ghana will take place during Spring break and will demand that
students get the necessary vaccines as well as passports and visas
allowing them to travel. All students will be informed by Monday,
November 7th whether or not they have been selected to participate.
All expenses for this trip will be paid for by a grant from the College.

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1912


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Taught By

Wozniak,Robert H.


Bryn Mawr, BYC106

Meeting Times

TTH 9:45am-11:15am