Courses: Junior Research Seminar: Labor in the Developing Countries (ECONH373B01)

Spring 2012

This course reviews current academic research on the structure of labor markets in developing countries and how this structure impacts economic growth and poverty alleviation. Possible topics may include: the informal economy and how governments and micro-finance institutions might impact the informal economy; labor demand and hindrances to growth of the private sector; child labor; problems of youth unemployment; labor market segmentation; agricultural employment; urban-rural migration; the implications of demographic change and changing educational attainment of the labor force; and what one can learn by following individuals and their labor market outcomes over time.

Prerequisites: Econ 300 and 304

Fulfills: SO QU I


Economics (Web site)

Taught By

Paul Cichello (Profile)


Haverford, Stokes 207

Meeting Times

T 7:30pm-10:00pm