Courses: Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis (ECONH300B01)

Spring 2012

Microeconomic theory has developed around the analysis of Adam Smith's ""invisible hand"" conjecture. To test this conjecture, we model the behavior of economic actors (consumers and firms) and their interaction in different markets (for goods, capital and labor). These models allow us to investigate the conditions under which these markets work well, less well, or not at all. In the process, basic tools and concepts used in other areas of economics are developed. Many of the topics covered I Introductory Microeconomics (Econ 101) are studied more rigorously and in greater depth. New Topics, such as behavior under risk, insurance, and imperfect information, are introduced.

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Prerequisites: Econ 105 or 106, one other Econ course, and Math 114.

Fulfills: SO I

Meeting Times

TTh 11:30-1:00