Courses: Statistical Methods in Econ (ECONB203001)

Spring 2012

Class Number: 1117
An introduction to econometric terminology and reasoning. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, and statistical inference. Particular emphasis is placed on regression analysis and on the use of data to address economic issues. The required computational techniques are developed as part of the course. Prerequisites: ECON B105, or H101 and H102, and a 200-level elective.
Div: Q; Approach: Quantitative Methods (QM); Haverford: Social & Natural Sciences (SO/QU)
Enrollment Limit: 30; Enrollment Criteria: Sophomores; Majors;
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Fulfills: Class Nbr: 1117 Div: Q; QM ; SO/QU


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Bryn Mawr, TAYG

Meeting Times

MW 11:30am-1:00pm