Courses: The Stuff of Art (CHEMB100001)

Spring 2012

Class Number: 2020
An introduction to chemistry through fine arts, this course emphasizes the close relationship of the fine arts, especially painting, to the development of chemistry and its practice. The historical role of the material in the arts, in alchemy and in the developing science of chemistry, will be discussed, as well as the synergy between these areas. Relevant principles of chemistry will be illustrated through the handling, synthesis and/or transformations of the material. This course does not count towards chemistry major requirements, and is not suitable for premedical programs. Lecture 90 minutes, laboratory three hours a week. Enrollment limited to 20.
Div: IIL; Haverford: Natural Science (NA)
Enrollment limit: 20; Enrollment criteria: lottery by instructor;
Course satisfies science lab requirement

Fulfills: Class Nbr: 2020 Div: IIL; ; NA


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Taught By



Bryn Mawr, PK278,PK278

Meeting Times

T 2:00pm-5:00pm,TH 2:00pm-3:30pm